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Exotic Bali Retreat - Day 3

The 3rd day in Bali see us left the vibrant Seminyak to the more laid-back, Ubud. As our hotel in Ubud not available until 2pm, we decided to do what tourist does. 528 kata lagi


Chill time in Bali

We decided to have a short stop over in Bali on this trip to Prince John Dive Resort in Donggala on Western Sulawesi.

Even though I’m jet-lagged I really do enjoy the fresh Bintang beer while watching the waves on Kuta beach. 93 kata lagi

Perfect Moments

Soaking up at the sun and surf - Kuta Beach

Our first stop on the trip is Kuta on Bali. It’s a simple 15 minute taxi ride from the airport, traffic permitting. This is one of Bali’s main tourist spots with plenty of beach to go around as well as an excellent beach break for those looking to get some surfing in. 540 kata lagi


Tak Sejauh Itu

Saat kita berbicara tentang jarak

Aku lebih suka berbicara tentang bintang
Ya bintang..
Benda yang melayang diluar sana
Besar, entah seberapa besar
Jauh, entah sebarapa jauh… 189 kata lagi

Teropong Bintang di Observatorium Bosscha

Aku bersyukur dapat mengunjungi Kota Bandung untuk kedua kalinya. Dan untuk kedua kalinya ada orang baik bernama Wiky Eko Jusmar yang membantuku. Target utamaku kali ini adalah mengunjungi Observatorium Bosscha yang ada di Lembang. 1.061 kata lagi


Isi Pulsa

Malam ini si Kamiyo agak gelisah…
Tangan kiri megangi hp…tangan kanan..megang PAGER 73 kata lagi

I actually didn't hate Kuta, Bali

After reading a lot of posts/reviews/articles about Kuta and reading it being described as ‘Paradise Lost’ and the ‘worst place on earth’ I was genuinely questioning whether we should make the 20 minute journey to this place that so many people hate! 632 kata lagi

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