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Nicolaas Jouwe: Netherlands Created OPM To Oppose Indonesia

A Papuan community leader, Nicolaas Jouwe, said the Netherlands officers created the Free Papua Movement (OPM) in 1965, to oppose Indonesia and disturb the security of eastern Indonesias territory. 303 kata lagi


‘Morning Star’ Flag Raised at Papua Border Post

Jayapura. Gunmen believed to be from a separatist group attacked a border post between Indonesian Papua and Papua New Guinea on Thursday, taking down the Indonesian flag and hoisting a banned separatist flag in its place. 338 kata lagi


A Tale of a Flag


by Sri Lestari Wahyuningroem

1 December 2013

This is a tale about a flag named Bintang Kejora, or Morning Star.

As with other flags ever created, it symbolises identity and conveys particular messages the creator would like other people who see it to understand. 1.011 kata lagi

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