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Smart Way To Build Your Muscle Fast By Yosi Warsa

There are bunch of advertisements on products that promotes muscle gains. Countless supplements and those energy boosting drinks have been sold millions to people in America. 480 kata lagi


AGEN POKER - Saat Anggota TNI-Polri Unjuk Kekuatan Otot dalam Turnamen Binaraga

AGEN POKER – Saat Anggota TNI-Polri Unjuk Kekuatan Otot dalam Turnamen Binaraga – Jika biasanya kita melihat para anggota TNI-Polri saat menjalankan tugasnya di lapangan atau di kantor, kali ini kita disuguhkan penampilan mereka dalam turnamen fitnes atau binaraga. 163 kata lagi

Agen Bola

Rutinitas Angkat Berat Yang Perlu diketahui

Ini adalah rakasa dari semua rutinitas, jika ada satu hal yang Anda harus menambah jadwal binaraga Anda maka ini harus menjadi satu. 399 kata lagi


Review: Jack3d USP Labs (With DMAA)

Everyone who has heard about pre-workouts would have surely heard about the number one selling pre-workout called Jack3d. It was the number one selling pre-workout on for a while before it was banned in the USA. 434 kata lagi

Back in the groove minus the pre-workout!

Well I completed my second workout yesterday which consisted of shoulders. My motivation levels are still pretty low at the moment which in turn effected the overall performance during my workout which is obviously not a good thing. 100 kata lagi

My Workout Regime

Ok so here it is. Checked my weight earlier today and clocked in at 86kgs which is 189 pounds. Couldn’t measure my body fat but im assuming its pretty high. 181 kata lagi

Starting Fresh

Well I havent posted in a while. Been busy with exams and lost some motivation to workout. I have attempted to keep writing in this blog to keep me motivated with training and hopefully I can share my experience with you guys. 57 kata lagi