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Condensing Video for Impact

Sometimes after shooting several scenes of a video I realize that using a shorter version may have more impact. What I did in this video was to highlight the professionalism as a focal point. 41 kata lagi


The Boy, the Lake and the mansion #2

The boy had not always been suspicious about his parents death. For, he thought his grand parents were his actual parents. But, now, anyhow he realized they were not. 437 kata lagi


June 16, 2015

This story was from a few months ago, I wrote it then, but couldn’t find the right time to post it. Since I’m still alive, now is a good time. 2.837 kata lagi


Billiards with the Brothers

My brothers are my world, even if I’m not the best at showing it sometimes. As soon as I got back from Atlanta, I hit my brother Kiki up, and he was down to have dinner. 283 kata lagi


At Smiley Face Cue Ball Keychain Billiards Billiard Pool

Initially, before you even begin looking for the fitting equipment, right here is a crucial tip: attempt to discover all the billiards provides you purchase used, to save some money. 248 kata lagi