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How to cycle injury free on your shared bike

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: Before you fire up that bike-sharing app on your handphone, there is one thing you can to minimise injuries and make cycling more enjoyable: Adjust your bike’s seat height. 710 kata lagi

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New Commute

So I got a new job. Instead of riding to the wonders of Chatswood every day, I now get to ride to the delights of Silverwater (oh yes, I work in the most glamorous places). 517 kata lagi


24/11/17 - Goat decor

First day at the spa and it’s been bloody lovely. We did a spot of morning shopping to apease my sister whom normally lives in the Swiss alps with less options. 16 kata lagi



Swiftly he manoeuvred his bike to the right as he approached me. I was totally in the moment, in a meditative state as I always am shooting with my Leica’s. 109 kata lagi



On a bright and crisp morning
I pedal the cobwebs away —
me and my bike against the cold!


A Worm to State

Another trip to Vung tau, got around the city with the bike and headed for the pagoda in the mountain. There he is said lives a wisdom monk from many people so he decided to visit him in order to sharpen his own life knowledge, but what he found was again another like an insect. 296 kata lagi


Sport Bike 10 Extended Chock Installation

Managing the parking of the bikes is very common issue reported by every second person having expensive sports bikes. People have been facing various issues while parking their bikes but with the… 324 kata lagi