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1. Creation

Meditations on “The Big Picture” 1. Creation

Gen 1:1    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Having recently taken a break to slowly meander through the first two psalms, it may appear going from the sublime to the ridiculous to now go to examine the ‘big picture’ of the Bible but as I was watching a preacher and congregation interacting recently it made me realise afresh something that I have seen before, that so often Christians have never been taught the ‘big picture’ of the whole Bible and do not see the logical flow of revelation from Genesis to Revelation. 1.125 kata lagi


Where the Garden Begins Book Release Party

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An Allegory of How Two Modern-Day Teenagers Survive the Big Bang… 283 kata lagi

Book Reviews

Math and Numbers

There supposed to be the simplest thing in the world, numbers. But really there the exact opposite. They go up and down, never consisting and forever changing like waves on the beach. 188 kata lagi

Short Story

Weasels in bid to stop humanity destroying universe

Weasels have sabotaged the Large Hadron Collider in Cern in a desperate attempt to stop scientists from ending all existence.

The news emerged after the discovery that one of the noble creatures bravely sacrificed himself chewing through some live wires. 152 kata lagi


Anggota BIG BANG Tunjukkan Rasa Rindunya Pada T.O.P

Saat T.O.P tidak ada, tampaknya anggota BIG BANG sangat merindukannya !

Pada tanggal 29 April kemarin, Taeyang memposting sebuah foto yang menampilkan Seungri, GD, Daesung dan dirinya. 85 kata lagi

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The Universe

The universe is here.  We can all agree on that (well perhaps some people of an Eastern spiritual nature might deny we’re here at all).  So how did the universe get to be here?  720 kata lagi


People Offer Worthy Observations in the Morning

This morning my outgoing, ruddy and bearded petrol attendant, we’ll call him Joey, was issuing forth his usual ‘guten tagen on your noggins’ to me and a fellow named Dave who was driving by in his van. 246 kata lagi