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Tak Bisa Nonton Konser ‘MADE’ Big Bang di Jakarta? Ini Keseruan dan Faktanya.

Tak Bisa Nonton Konser ‘MADE’ Big Bang di Jakarta? Ini Keseruan dan Faktanya : … 391 kata lagi

If You

She is leaving
And I can’t do anything
Love is leaving
Like a fool, I’m blankly standing here

I’m looking at her, getting farther away… 272 kata lagi

Big Bang

Puerto Rico Default - Welcome to Big Bang

New post on Armstrong Economics

Puerto Rico Default – Welcome to Big Bang

by Martin Armstrong

A group of hedge funds holding a large proportion of Puerto Rico’s debt have demanded that its government fires teachers, collects more taxes and reforms labor laws, as the US territory contemplates default. 71 kata lagi

[Liputan] Big Bang dan VIP Saling Lepas Rindu di "2015 BIGBANG World Tour [MADE] in Jakarta"

Hello, What’s up VIP!

Senang sekali di kesempatan kali ini KI bisa berbagi tentang keseruan konser Big Bang bertajuk “2015 BIGBANG World Tour in Jakarta” yang berlangsung tadi malam, Sabtu 1 Agustus 2015 di Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) – BSD City. 1.139 kata lagi

Concert / Showcase / Fan Meeting

BIGBANG 2015 MADE Tour in Jakarta : Bang The Party Up!

Do you know of a concert where almost everyone threw their hands in the air, bumped their head along to the rhythm be it to lose themselves to the blazing beat or just to enjoy the authenticity of a boy group’s mellow songs? 647 kata lagi

Event Reports

Haru and Running Man

I’ve been rewatching some Return of Superman videos and unfortunately Haru is no longer part of the show, but she should definitely be remembered :) She was so sweet and so cute and a fish friend :D :D anyway, just wanted to share some videos: 339 kata lagi


Tazza 2

You guys might not know but I’m a huge fan of Big Bang and also a HUUUUGEE FAN of T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) and   I recently watched Tazza: The Hidden Card where T.O.P comes out as the main guy. 126 kata lagi