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Expansion and collapse of the universe

Science has told us that we can credit the Big Bang to the beginning of our universe. During this event, the entire mass of the universe was compressed into the size of a period on this page. 607 kata lagi

the Big Bang -- Analysis 2

In the first analysis, I made mention of infinity. But first, what is infinity? Generally, Infinity is an abstract concept describing something without limit; limitless. 755 kata lagi


Club Arena September Party Photos

Club Arena Party Photos from September

Photos from the hottest, most exclusive club currently in Korea Club Arena

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My Wife (Chapter 12) - By. Mamabelladramalovers

My Wife

Chapter 12

Choi Seung Hyun mulai menjalankan aksinya. Kali ini dicumbuinya wanita yang sudah berada dibawahnya dengan sangat panas. Dia mulai menghisap melumat bahkan menggigit bibir bawah wanita tersebut. 3.647 kata lagi


OP-ED: Standing on the shoulders of giants

This post has been in my head for while, and I realized that unless I get it out, I’m never going to be at peace. So despite all the toes I’m gonna step on and flames I’ll probably get, here it is. 1.972 kata lagi


Anti-intellectualism and questioning of authority

Hat tip to Bill Elwell.

Anti-intellectualism has long been a strong and deplorable force in American life, but there’s a fine line between anti-intellectualism and questioning authority. 575 kata lagi



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