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A Letter of Thanks to Stephen Hawking

Dear Sir,

Along with the millions who carry words of praise for you in their hearts, I would first like to thank you for all the great scientific work that you have done. 751 kata lagi


A Question for Atheists

In 2012, a Gallup International poll found that 12% of global respondents identify as “convinced atheists.” In China, the figure is 47%, followed by Japan at 31% and France at 29%. 1.408 kata lagi


Outfit of the Day: BIGBANG Made World Tour!!!!

So on Saturday I had the best night of my life! I got to see my favorite band BIGBANG in live in concert. BIGBANG is a ultra famous Kpop group and bside producing amazing music, they have also been my #1 style inspiration! 21 kata lagi


Shocker: Did scientists find entire universe to revolve around earth?

The principle, a documentary about the location of the earth in the universe, is being condemned by scientists everywhere. In fact, it is so controversial that people who haven’t even seen it tend to dismiss it as being nonsense. 2.075 kata lagi


A Life of Mending

In the beginning, we knew each other whole.

That intimacy was the most natural state

Of being, but a flaw in the fabric of

Things pulled us apart, created that… 117 kata lagi


Is Phil Vischer's "What's In The Bible? Volume 1" actually in the Bible?

This is a review of the first installment of the 13-part series from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer which sets out to teach kids about the Bible.  5.903 kata lagi

Refuting Compromise

My Wife (Chapter 13) - By. mamabelladramalovers

My Wife

Author ; Haii… Akhirnya bisa post My Wife juga.. udah mulai masuk Konflik nihh.. jangan bosan-bosan bacanya yaa… Sedikit info nihh… mungkin My Wife akan berakhir hanya dengan 15 Chapter aja.. 3.012 kata lagi