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Universe or Multiverse..?

Are we living in a universe or Multiverse..?

When I was stuck upon this question, the first thing which came to my mind was Einstein’s space – time relativity. 216 kata lagi



The word given today was tiny

I saw oceans and ships upon the seas

It made me think of mountain tops

And tall, ancient forest trees. 125 kata lagi


Sitcom Sessions 21/10

This week, we have a nice short Sitcom Sessions as there was no new The Goldbergs or Modern Family. Its a shame that The Goldbergs isn’t on as its been great on the whole so far this season so I do genuinely look forward to it now. 523 kata lagi


K-Music Playlist: Halloween Edition Part 2

With Halloween a few days away, it’s time for part 2 of the Halloween edition of K-Music Playlist! This playlist will highlight some of the best K-Pop Halloween-themed/inspired music videos. 495 kata lagi

General News

Did Nature Cause Itself?

I haven’t heard anyone ask whether nature caused itself, in so many words, but that is the question begged by any assertion that God doesn’t exist. 1.064 kata lagi



Korean Pop Korean Pop, otherwise known as K-Pop, is a multi-billion-dollar industry and the hub of music in Korea. Given the nickname ‘Hallyu’, K-Pop as an industry is highly regarded as the ‘Hollywood’ of Asia.

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