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Sully Award

HeyLookAWriterFellow has announced the First Annual Sully Award for Excellence in Writerishness on March 21st.  I saw the announcement of the award on Jane Dougherty’s blog… 258 kata lagi


Netizens Apprently Think Only South Korea Exists

As many of you should know by now, London was the victim of a terrorist attack recently and many have started the hashtag #PrayForLondon as a way to show support. 562 kata lagi

Big Bang

@physorg_com This is my Janet and John idea of dark matter. Please point out errors

Maybe Dark Matter doesn’t form atoms.

 The big bang theory says from nothing we got matter and anti-matter but there’s no evidence of large quantities of anti-matter, in the Universe today… 1.045 kata lagi


The Post-Industrial Economy - Year 10 Homework

Post-industrial economy

A post-industrial economy is one where secondary industry has declined. This happened during the 1970s in the UK leading to wide-spread closure of factories. 223 kata lagi

GCSE Homework


No beginning, no end
and nothing in between:
how do you tell a story like that?
This gun in your hand is gettin heavy,
and it’s gettin heavier… 166 kata lagi


5 Idol K-Pop dengan Kisah Mengerikan Berama Sasaeng Fans

Lima idol K-Pop berikut ini kerap mendapatkan hal yang kurang menyenangkan dalam pertemuan mereka dengan fans militan dan terobsesi yang sering disebut dengan Sasaeng fans. (Baca mengenai… 364 kata lagi