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15 Orang Kuat Di Dunia Hiburan Korea

BeritaKe.com – Dalam perayaan ulang tahun ke-47 sejak berdirinya industri hiburan Korea, Ilgan Sports memutuskan untuk melakukan jajak pendapat tentang siapa yang memiliki kekuatan terbesar di hiburan Korea. 483 kata lagi


Ask An Atheist

Ask an Atheist

I don’t expect this post to get any traffic right away, but I hope to have conversations with people over time that will help to normalize how the religious see the non religious. 1.320 kata lagi


To be or Not to be!

These are my views about the ‘Rainy days’ all over and uncontrollable conditions.

ప్రకోపం – ప్రకృతికి వచ్చిన కోపంగా చెప్పొచ్చు. ఇష్టానుసారం చెట్లను నరికి చెరువులు నాలాలు కబ్జా చేసి Nature layout ని మన layout గా మార్చి. 344 kata lagi


Stephen Hawking warns against seeking out aliens in new film

Beware responding to signals from far off stars, physicist tells viewers in Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places – a virtual journey across the cosmos 384 kata lagi


[INSTAGRAM] 22.09.16 Kim Junsu Instagram Updates – Daesung din Big Bang a venit sa vada 'Dorian Gray'/Big Bang’s Daesung came to watch ‘Dorian Gray’

모두들 잘자~☆

Noapte buna tuturor~☆


아 그리고 오늘 #도리안그레이 를 보러 성남까지 와준 대성씨~고마워요!
내가 오히려 영광이라며 사진 먼저 찍어 달라고 부탁한건 비밀!ㅋ 103 kata lagi


If you really understand Nothing ...

… you understand Everything

I am getting the impression that not a lot of people have a proper understanding of Nothing. No surprise really because it took me 55 years to understand Nothing. 548 kata lagi


We Like 2 Party - 빅뱅 (Big Bang)

Big Bang (Korean: 빅뱅) is a South Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment. Consisting of members G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri, the group officially debuted on August 19, 2006. 491 kata lagi