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Before the "Big Bang" was "I am". A Limerick.

Before the “Big Bang” was “I am”.

Creation is not a big scam.

God said: “Let there be light”.

And there was: With God’s might. 196 kata lagi


Science in the Bible - The Beginning

(4 Minute Read)

How did everything BEGIN?

This question has intrigued people for millenia. Everybody has wondered about it at some time or other. 1.548 kata lagi


’17 A To Z Challenge – Y

As I bring this year’s A to Z Challenge to a close, I’ve stumbled upon a couple of interesting and new (to me) words. This one is for all the Good Christians, the Creationists, the evolution-deniers, and the Christian Apologetics.  294 kata lagi


YG Merespon Kabar T.O.P Di Investigasi Terkait Perilisan “Flower Road”

Hari ini, ada sebuah kabar yang menyatakan bahwa Pemerintah Ketenagakerjaan Daerah Militer Seoul sedang menyelidiki apakah perilisan lagu Big Bang “Flower Road” adalah pelanggaran dari peraturan militer, dimana tentara tidak boleh melakukan bisnis tambahan. 74 kata lagi

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Writing Projects

It’s been over a month of posting on the blog, but I argue that it is all for good reason. I am currently writing and revising a collection of personal essays. 207 kata lagi

Stephen Hawking in Hell? The Vertical Hell-Bound Crazy Train

Stephen Hawking is in hell? STFU dude! Sometimes the religious come off as just annoying, other times they come off as just plain crazy..