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The First Cause?

Many great scientists and philosophers have pondered how our complex and intricate universe has come into being. Was it through the Big Bang? But who created the Big Bang? 877 kata lagi


Keeping an open mind

This week I had a “discussion” with an ardent, antagonistic, hyper-vocal atheist.  I’m often comparing notes with people with worldviews very different from my own.  It helps me learn: what’s the point in only ever talking with people who think exactly like oneself, and who never challenge one to really evaluate what one believes? 1.591 kata lagi


A different kind of Big Bang!

Yesterday morning, I was driving to a small town near Boise to help some clients/friends with their QuickBooks for their business. They had taken a workshop from me several years ago and I have made several trips over the years since then to help them. 710 kata lagi

The Big Bang Collapses

Yet again.

One of the challenges confronting astrophysicists is figuring out how galaxies form. The problem arises in kind of a round-about way.

The space the fills our universe is remarkably uniform. 400 kata lagi


Hubble Explores Some of the Oldest Galaxies in the Universe

In a sense, all astronomical images taken from Earth are a look into the past, since it takes time for light from far away galaxies to travel through space and reach us. 142 kata lagi

Book Review: A Universe From Nothing; (Why there is something rather than nothing)

A Universe From Nothing (Why there is something rather than nothing), by Lawrence M. Krauss. Atria paperback, published 2013.

From the Merriam-Webster (on line) Dictionary: … 2.925 kata lagi