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Nadia Khan soon to hit TV Screen after 17 Years!!

Nadia Khan – the “Bandhan” fame actress and often known as the Queen of morning shows is coming back to our TV screens.

Nadia khan was popular for her morning show “The Nadia Khan Show”, but she is returning to the dramas this time after 17 years, and we just can’t get our eyes off from her amazing transformation !! 233 kata lagi

Bizmax TV

Would You Like To Meet The Fabric Of Existence?

What if someone said to you,

‘Would you like to meet the fabric of existence?’

And you said, ‘Yes.’

What would it be like?

What colour would it be? 254 kata lagi

Creative Writing

Richard Dawkins made me an agnostic.

From an atheist, that is.

Let me clear something, from the beginning.
I’m perfectly happy with the current scientific explanation of how we arrived here. OK, there still are a few gaps that need to be bridged but, on the whole, the story  seems pretty straightforward. 252 kata lagi


Look around you and you will see,

greatness and awesomeness in nature’s gifts and blessings,

they were made by unseen hands,

hands which renew life in you and I; 82 kata lagi


Faithless but hopeful

My Facebook message went something like this: “Dear Reverend, I am a member of your church and I’m also a student, studying Human Genetics. We are currently studying evolution and I was thinking how beautifully it fits in with the story of creation. 1.060 kata lagi



‘WHAT came before the Big Bang?’ is a question that has plagued scientists for millennia, but experts may have the answer.

Several solutions have been offered up to the age old conundrum, including the possibility of God, multiverses and black holes, but the answer could be a lot more simple – nothing. 295 kata lagi



The Big Bang is a scientific theory about how the universe started, and then made the stars and galaxies we see today.

The universe began very… 552 kata lagi