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Six Years With G-Dragon

I got into K-pop about six years ago and G-Dragon was one of the main people I listened to and still do. He was actually one of my earliest K-pop “obsessions”, I listened to everything Big Bang, his first album, and his album with TOP. 60 kata lagi

Race Card Recursion: A Game of Social (In-)Justice

The deck has been dealt and we all have our hands,but why are some players holding a race card ?

So,what does a race card mean to you and how can the joker be laffing ? 11 kata lagi

Time & Energy

What's the Deal with Kpop?

Kpop otherwise known as Korean Pop music has been making large waves into the western music scene. An example of this was the korean boy group Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) who earlier this year won the billboard music award for social artist beating out artists such as Justin Bieber by over 300 million votes. 380 kata lagi


[ADMIN POST] 170818 Project Pencil for #Happy818GDay 🎂 #Happy7thFGD 🎂

It’s that time of the year again! We are celebrating the one and only, Kwon Leader, G-Dragon’s birthday.

In celebration of G-Dragon’s birthday and Forever G-Dragon’s 7th anniversary, we have organized a special project. 49 kata lagi


Humankind has always wondered what secrets the universe was hiding
in its starry depths and striven to understand how we fit into the bigger picture. This curiosity is still strong, as demonstrated by the… 129 kata lagi


K-PoP Groups I recommend


On today’s blog post I’m going to recommend some K-PoP Groups to stan if you’re new to K-PoP. :D


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like BTS. 326 kata lagi