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Organic Betadine Good for Infectious Wound

We are living in a modern generation. A lot of new technologies came out to our world. Nowadays, a new innovation generates in our universe, a new invention which lead to us as a good example of how our intellectual capacity exists. 731 kata lagi

Entregando donaciones en Doggy

Esta mañana hemos estado en PROTECTORA DOGGY. Le hemos dejado 3 sacos de pienso y pipetas. Como sabéis los perros necesitan un mantenimiento de limpieza y medicamentos; así que nos dicen que necesitan gasas‚ blastoestimulina y betadine. 24 kata lagi

Day 9- Various Surgeries


On my third day interning, I had the privilege to shadow Dr. Cole on a carotid artery case and Dr. Snow on a hernia repair case. 483 kata lagi


Negreta y su herida

Hace ya un mes largo que Negreta vive con una herida en el cuello, de la cual desconocemos su origen. Gracias a esta foto la veterinaria nos dijo que parecía un Eczema húmedo y le estubimos poniendo… 146 kata lagi


Duke Loves Trouble

Duke’s foot is slowly healing up. I do not think the abscess cleared all the way so I am continuing to soak his hoof in Epsom salt and betadine so draw out the rest of the abscess and to kill the bacteria. 210 kata lagi

Antibiotics and infections and Hepatitis C

About twelve years or so ago I started losing teeth. My dentist told me it had to do with my immune system and bone loss. And every time I had an extraction, the dentist would prescribe prophylactic pre and post treatment antibiotics. 759 kata lagi

How I remember him...

I always refer to him in the present tense, even though he passed on when I was nine years old simply because he was amazing. Our relationship was/is a bit… 368 kata lagi