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Tanaman Kesehatan Ibu dan Anak

Dua tanaman ini dulu biasa ditanam di pekarangan rumah di desa-desa tapi sekarang kalah dengan berbagai tanaman hias. Padahal keduanya, menurut saya, adalah tanaman wajib yang mestinya dimiliki oleh semua keluarga yang punya anak balita. 282 kata lagi


BETADINE - Betadine - Gargle & Mouth Wash (It Really Works!) Review

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Normal Delivery Post-Natal Care

April 18, 2016- I delivered a healthy baby girl. Fearing C Section so much, aside from routinary walks and a little zumba, I have always talked to my baby inside my tummy, “You came in from there, you have to come out from there as well.” :D  Plus, it is also very important that you have a good relationship with your OB who will take care of your best interest. 592 kata lagi


Multinational ADOPT Study Seeks Further Improvement in Management of Oral Mucositis

A new study titled ADOPT (Awareness Drives Oral Mucositis PercepTive) has highlighted an opportunity to improve the well being of patients undergoing cancer treatment through stronger proactive management of oral mucositis (OM). 862 kata lagi


Mundipharma launches new manufacturing and R&D facility in Singapore

Mundipharma has delivered another boost to Singapore’s booming biomedical sector, having announced a planned 7,30 0meter square facility in Tuas at an official groundbreaking ceremony that was attended by Minister of State for Trade & Industry, Dr. 378 kata lagi


Small wound 

Today while taking Mr.Grumpy out for a walk, my boyfriend noticed that Mr.Grumpy was bleeding from a wound on his left back leg. He had been let out earlier today so he probably had kicked himself a little or something along those lines. 157 kata lagi


Got Itchy or Sore Paws?

Winter is over here & the road salts have for the most part been swept up. But even in this warm weather we dogs can get sore & irritated paws from walking about. 266 kata lagi

Knotty Toys For Good Dogs