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Park Ranger Stays Beside A Lonely Gorilla That Lost Its Mother! Watch this!

Animals that live in the forest are just like human beings. They have emotions as well. They tend to become attached to habitats and families. And in times of sorrow, they become lonely as well. 19 kata lagi

[Boy beside store window display of Christmas ornaments] (LOC)

Check out these windows 10 security images:

Image by The Library of Congress

1 slide : color.
Title devised by Library staff.
Transfer from… 18 kata lagi

before me

You go before me,
and I can have hope
because of that.

The One
who knows all things
is not only
making the rough patch ahead… 97 kata lagi

Blog Jots

sat beside

life like a ride

all in stride

point to no where in particular

and make of the other

and something of the seem

and what it comes to be… 45 kata lagi


Look around

When lonely sometimes – you just Look around
Maybe all the things you dream beside you?

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Chapter 5 - Part 3

He hesitated, and then knelt down beside her. This time he shook her gently by the shoulder.

Absently, Mark held his breath and waited.

Still no response.