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Tomorrow will never come easy on you but you care present is walking besides you just to make sure


My Bedside Beauty Table

Hello everybody!

Today I’m going to be showing you guys what beauty products and items I keep in my little bedside table pot. So, let’s get straight into it! 714 kata lagi


Just don't go yet !!!

Don’t go, just don’t go yet

Stay some more time

I still have a long way to go with you,

Live another wonderful life with me 91 kata lagi


What The Homeless Man Did After The People Gave Money To The Homeless Boy Beside Him Will Shock You!

Huge number of people tend to ignore homeless people, especially when they are at the right age. But what they don’t know is that the way they are treating them leaves a permanent scar on their feelings. 16 kata lagi

Park Ranger Stays Beside A Lonely Gorilla That Lost Its Mother! Watch this!

Animals that live in the forest are just like human beings. They have emotions as well. They tend to become attached to habitats and families. And in times of sorrow, they become lonely as well. 19 kata lagi

[Boy beside store window display of Christmas ornaments] (LOC)

Check out these windows 10 security images:

Image by The Library of Congress

1 slide : color.
Title devised by Library staff.
Transfer from… 18 kata lagi

before me

You go before me,
and I can have hope
because of that.

The One
who knows all things
is not only
making the rough patch ahead… 97 kata lagi

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