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Goin' out of my head

My first couple of therapy sessions for my vertigo seemed to work. Then, I had a relapse. I am as dizzy as ever. I still have four sessions scheduled. 182 kata lagi

My View Of The World

An Article About Me...by Dr. Sanjay Gupta

I wanted to share with everyone that I’m featured in an article in Everyday Health.  It is titled How Vertigo Changed My Life. 151 kata lagi

Chronic Illness

Day Nine Across the Channel: A bit of vertigo

10th August 2015

Keeping with the theme of ‘I Can’t Remember What I Did Last Summer!’, I bring for you another post less anecdote than ramblings. 770 kata lagi


It's True... I am Dizzy

A health problem isn’t really serious when it’s an annoyance, and not when it’s affecting your quality of life or your ability to work, function, think, or enjoy life.   841 kata lagi