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Audio Editing for Classwork

This is the first time that I created my own podcast through audacity program. As I mentioned before, I enjoy listening to music and I want to create my own musical works as hobby by mixing several songs. 397 kata lagi


Movie Review: BEN-HUR, Kisah Kasih Yang Mengampuni

Kisah Ben-Hur diawali dengan eratnya persahabatan antara seorang anak bangsawan Yahudi bernama Judah Ben-Hur dengan seorang anak angkat berkebangsaan Romawi bernama Messala Severus. Mereka begitu dekat layaknya saudara kandung yang saling mendukung satu dengan yang lain hingga sulit terpisahkan. 688 kata lagi

Movie Review

Box-Office Bombs: ‘Ben-Hur’ Looking at a $120 Million Loss!!

Now that Labor Day weekend is behind us, we can well and truly consider the Summer 2016 Movie Season closed. While we normally keep track of the weekly box offices to keep an eye on how well movies are performing, we occasionally take a look at the under performing features as well.  387 kata lagi



It is very rare that a movie comes out that really touches my soul.  However, the movie Benhur, really enriched my life.  It made me reevaluate whether I am truly a follower of the true Gospel of Christ.   175 kata lagi

Ben-Hur, Done That

In 1959 the world was introduced to Ben-Hur, a movie that today remains on many top movie lists. So of course Hollywood, would be ready for a remake in this golden age of well…remakes. 951 kata lagi


Review of Ben-Hur

Okay I will admit I never saw the 1959 version of Ben-Hur staring Charlton Heston. I do understand people loving the historical movie and those trying to compare the two but I don’t believe the creators of the 2016 version was trying to remake the original. 314 kata lagi


Ben-Hur – Movie Review

By: Erika Ashley

Judah Ben-Hur, a wealthy Jewish prince, and his adopted Roman brother, Messala Severus, start out as the best of friends and enjoy their playful competitive spirit. 699 kata lagi

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