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Literary Quote of the Week

“By the selection of horses, the magnificence of the chariot, the attitude, and display of person – above all, by the expression of the cold, sharp, eagle features, imperialized in his countrymen by sway of the world through so many generations, Ben-Hur knew Messala unchanged, as haughty, confident, and audacious as ever, the same in ambition, cynicism, and mocking insouciance.” – Lew Wallace (Ben-hur, A Tale of the Christ)


Friendship Quote # 101

The Quotes is taken from the ultimate record keeper movie Benhur and the quote is by the character Messala (played by Stephen Boyd) to Judah Ben-Hur (played by… 28 kata lagi

A Friend Is A Gift

#100: Ben-Hur

Okay, we are finally doing it. It’s a cloudy, cool day, so we’ve decided to spend it watching a four hour Bible epic shot in 1959. 1.165 kata lagi


Recently my fiancé and I embarked upon the daunting task of watching the AFI 100 best films of all time list. We chose to use the 10th anniversary edition, instead of the original list. 346 kata lagi

Entablado ng Buhay (Stage of Life)

When we are passionate about what we do, we create beautiful things.

Happy Monday, everyone!


My Top 5 Films of All Time.

#5 – BEN-HUR 

Ben-Hur was and continues to still be one of the most epic films of our time. It’s dramatic, filled with action, and manages to incorporate a Faith-based theme without forcing it heavy-handedly. 422 kata lagi

Ducking Dick's Lame Ducks

At it anew, Federico Pascual, Jr. in his Phil. Star column for today, pens:

“CORROBORATIVE? Then who said triumphantly that Tuazon corroborated the earlier testimony of witness BenHur Luy? 719 kata lagi