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Wrapping-Up Fieldwork

Finally, I’ve almost completed my fieldwork in Bengkulu. More to come in the next couple of months!

Academic Activities

Two in One

Bengkulu, a province Indonesia, never ceased to amaze me. This time I visited a place which could give you a chance to have a pretty landscape of a beach and a lake from one point. 983 kata lagi


Actually, it was not a river after all

Back to Bengkulu, a province in Indonesia, which was facing the Indian Ocean and that made the province had a very long coastal line. The beach along the line had many different characteristics, some of them were sandy beaches, while others were rocky; on some places the beaches were sloping, while at other beaches the sea was far below a cliff. 1.013 kata lagi


The name was to commemorate somebody

Curup, the second largest city in Bengkulu Province was located about 80 kilometers to the north from the province’s capital city; which could be reached within 2.5 hours drive through a relatively good winding road on the hillside. 845 kata lagi


Bumi Rafflesia, si Timur yang terdampar di Barat

Guys, adakah yang belum pernah mendengar kata Rafflesia?

Kata “Rafflesia” tidak asing lagi di telinga kita, bahkan sudah menjamur di benak dunia. Ya, Rafflesia merupakan bunga terbesar di dunia dengan diameter berkisar 70 – 110 cm, tinggi mencapai 50 cm, dan berat hingga 11 kg. 1.345 kata lagi

It was really a long beach

That was a very famous beach which also became the city’s icon in Bengkulu. The beach had become one of Bengkulu’s tourist destinations for long, too. 765 kata lagi