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ESO July Events

Join ESO in July for the following events and learning opportunities: 323 kata lagi


UHD Open Benefits Enrollment July 1-13

UHD’s open benefits enrollment dates were recently announced by ERS. UHD employees wanting to change their benefits elections without a qualifying life event can do so between July 1 and July 13. 15 kata lagi


Save this summer with Beneplace Discount Purchase Program

Are you taking full advantage of your Texas Discount Purchase Program?  52 kata lagi


Starting Foreign Language Earlier

Every benefit and effect gained from foreign language education only increases when started earlier in life or in school. In an interview with two different high school foreign language teachers, both said that they wished their school district would allow and integrate foreign languages earlier in junior high or better yet, elementary school. 93 kata lagi


Bilingual Learning & Its Effects

In 1998, California residents voted to pass an English-only ideology in public schools.* The thought was that Spanish-speaking immigrants were posing a threat to homogeneity of American culture. 293 kata lagi


The antonym of motivation


I got an SMS from the fascist regime today, commanding me to call them. After queuing for 47 minutes and listening to messages on how I could otherwise fuck off, I was told I may need to provide photographic evidence of how that might make a criminal begging for their human rights shit in an envelope. 24 kata lagi


Increase in Standardized Test Scores

Bilingual students or students that are in foreign language classes even show higher scores on standardized tests.

A study done testing second and third grade students who were deemed competent in English by the school district, shows incredible results. 228 kata lagi