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Khayal Coffee Studio at Pejompongan Raya Jakarta

December 12th, 2017. I wanted to visit Khayal Coffee Studio since its opening on the first day, but I didn’t have a chance. So, on that lovely Tuesday, I visited the coffee shop. 232 kata lagi

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Habitual Coffee & Eatery X RBK at Bendungan Hilir Jakarta

September 14th, 2017. Before Habitual Coffee & Eatery opened its door, Aline told me and Cindy about it. She got the information about the new coffee shop from her friends. 206 kata lagi

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Toko Fisik WR STORE Tutup Selama November 2017

Selama bulan November 2017, toko fisik kami tutup selama sebulan. Karena gedungnya sedang direnovasi / pugar. Tapi untuk pembelian online (mailorder) tetap dibuka seperti biasa.

Mohon maaf atas ketidaknyamanannya.  :)


Goedkoop Warung Kopi Belanda at Bendungan Hilir Jakarta

September 14th, 2017. I wanted to come to Goedkoop (Bendungan Hilir outlet) since forever. But, since nobody could keep me company, I visited the place by myself. 274 kata lagi

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Dijual Rumah Bendungan hilir


Harga Rp.18 Milliar

Sertifikasi SHM

Kamar Tidur 3

Kamar Mandi 3

Kamar Tidur Pembantu 1

Kamar Mandi Pembantu 1

Luas Tanah 186m2

Luas Bangunan 220m² 86 kata lagi

RM Bopet Mini, Bendungan Hilir

There is a restaurant in Bendungan Hilir – Jakarta, which is very popular with its bubur kampiun. Its name is RM Bopet Mini. It opens at 7 am, therefore I went there once for breakfast. 310 kata lagi