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Make Money and Travel Around Indonesia With a Bemo Starter Kit!

Have you ever dreamed of earning a full time income while traveling? If so, I have the perfect product for you. 350 more words


old and new

Bemo is stand for “becak motor” and categorised as tri cycle. Bemo introduced in the beginning of 1962, in Jakarta.

Now only certain area served by this transpiration mode, one of them are Pejompongan area. 13 more words


Kalimantan Peat Swamp Forest, OuTrop

After booking flights to Bali and a quick trip to the supermarket. Scrat and I loaded up our stuff together with two other researchers at the town house and waited for the bemo. 395 more words


Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia - Impressions

Surabaya is known as the City of Heroes for the part it played in the war of independence against the Dutch Empire. It’s also the country’s second largest city. 726 more words


BEMO, kenangan akan diri mu..

Becak Motor (Bemo)

Pada suatu ketika kami berjalan dengan isteri kami pada sebuah jalan di hadapan Kedai Gramedia sekarang di Kota Padang. Ketika itu tampak oleh kami di sebarang jalan sebuah Bemo berhenti parkir, tiada tahu kami siapa gerangan pemiliknya. 379 more words


Bemo Boys: Travelling in Style in Flores

A Bemo transport van in Labuan Bajo can be heard long before it arrives. A pounding mega base sub woofer reverberates through the tropical verges as the vans wind their way through the hills above the Labuan Bajo harbour.   289 more words


Mimo Power Bot

We are owners of a few of the adorable Mimoco USB flash drvives so why wouldn’t we be excited about these cute little ultra compact backup battery chargers. 145 more words