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Sup Belut.....versi "suka hati aku la.."

1st posting for the new year… and after the Bah Kuning melanda Kelantan. Pasca banjir, life is going on for those not affected by the floods and for those badly affected, it’s a struggle to start over… Positifnya, orang Kelantan dah alah bisa dengan kesukaran hidup, so it is very enlightening to see them so redha & pasrah & not losing hope or faith in the Almighty… 295 more words

Resepi / Recipes

When God Bless the naive in Toraja, South Sulawesi (2008)

I’ve heard about this sacred and mythical highland of Tana Toraja long time ago. It’s well said that the Torajan has been in long isolation until the beginning of the last century, because of their adherence to their age-old beliefs and traditions. 884 more words

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