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Mantis camouflage

Brothers & sisters…, almost unnoticed, yes this mantis is in perfect camouflage with the grass she is resting on. At first I didn’t notice it, but when I took a closer look then I saw it. 6 kata lagi


Lihat Kebunku Penuh dengan Binatang

Alkisah di sebuah rumah yang dikelilingi kebun di bilangan Jakarta Selatan, hiduplah seorang anak bernama Katya. Namanya juga di daerah yg masih banyak pohonnya, ada aja binatang yang datang berkunjung. 77 kata lagi

Photography : baby green grasshopper

Brothers & sisters…., I was fortunate to find this baby grasshopper, dominated by dark green color, with white eyes and yellow-dark cheek, it is lovely.


Photography : a little baby grasshopper

Brothers & sisters…, I took these pictures a few days ago. I don’t know the name of this little creature but to me it is like a baby grasshopper.



GRASSHOPPERS are generaly herbivores feeding on a variety of plants. Some species only like grasses. They are grown up by molting like shrimps family. During the molt, grasshoppers do not eat and become less active. 309 kata lagi


Photography : Little baby grasshopper

Brothers & sisters…, I just want to share 3 photos I took on a little baby grasshopper I found in my backyard.

The above photos are taken using my pocket camera set on superior auto mode.


GRASSHOPPER. If only one or two, that's fine !

I was weeding my garden when I found this creature perching on a hibiscus tree. I am sure everyone knows this animal. A gigantic grasshopper I’ve ever seen in their kinds. 264 kata lagi