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I found this on my bathroom!!

Praying Mantis or Belalang Sembah in Indonesia or in Javanesse is Walang kekek and I used to called it Congcorang is one of… 173 kata lagi

A Story By Me

Baby praying mantis having meals

Brothers & sisters…, I caught this baby praying mantis having a bug for its meals.


Photography : little baby praying mantis

Brothers & sisters…, I found this baby praying mantis this morning. It just finished eating a small bug when I took this pictures.


Photography : baby praying mantis

Brothers & sisters… I found this little creature just about to finish changing its clothes.


,,belalang and its love story,,

Tonight I’m gonna write a short post karena entah mengapa keinginan ngeblog sangat kuat malam ini. Ya, gue emang orang yang suka nonton fakta-fakta unik yang biasa dirangkum dalam acara tv seperti Spotlite, on the spot, atau hot spot. 361 kata lagi

Feeling This

Photography : Yellow Praying Mantis

Brothers & sisters…, it’s always exciting to see something you’ve never seen before. I was so excited when I saw a yellow praying mantis. In Indonesian praying mantis is called “belalang sembah” and in local language (javanese) it is called “walang kadung”. 59 kata lagi


Perfect camouflage

Bothers & sisters…, there are many ways an animal protects itself. One way is by camouflaging its color to the surrounding area. This insect is one of them, at first I hardly noticed this insect. 6 kata lagi