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Bed Cover

What is it: Roll Up Tonneau Truck Bed Cover

Installation: For installation on this, then I did not install it. But from what I do know, then it isn’t too hard to install it. 357 kata lagi


Beautiful Green and White Bed cover

The combination of green and white looks just mind blowing with a touch of applique on a sober yet gorgeous bed cover and pillow covers.

Bed Cover

Awas, Jangan Sampai Memasukkan Benda Ini ke Mesin Cuci!

Keberadaan mesin cuci memang dapat mempermudah pekerjaan rumah tangga. Anggota keluarga tak perlu lagi capek-capek mencuci tumpukan baju kotor secara tradisional.

Walaupun begitu, jangan sampai karena ingin menghemat tenaga, Anda jadi asal memasukkan semua benda ke dalam mesin cuci. 341 kata lagi

Swatching plus a Gratuitous Kitty Pic

I am swatching and researching stitches for a gansey-inspired bed cover. This is a tiny home retirement hope chest project. I imagine I will blog each square when it is complete, and share information on the stitches and what they represent, and why I chose them. 77 kata lagi



Looking for a blue themed bed spread, I visited a shop. Browsing through the various isles, I couldn’t find one which would appeal to me. 132 kata lagi

Daily Prompts, Topic Ideas

A Bedspread for Master R

This has been my most challenging project yet! It turns out that co-designing with a 7 year old boy is not easy!

First of all he asked for SQUARES – not my favourite things to crochet.  446 kata lagi


Across the Wide Missouri:A Quilt Reflecting Life on the Frontier. 

Quilt pattern book called Across the Wide Missouri created by Edie McGinnis and Jan Patek.

There are 12 stories honoring the courageous women who left their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers behind to go West. 206 kata lagi