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I bought my second sewing machine as a teenager. It served me well. I was able to make most of my clothes and some for family and friends. 224 kata lagi

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Hello dear visitors,

Today, I am back and I will tell you more about this elegant orange bed cover I made last year. I already shared some photos of this piece, and some work in progress content. 54 kata lagi


NEW Motif 1 (Koleksi 2015)

NEW MOTIF 1 (Koleksi 2015)

Bahan Katun Import (setara katun jepang) (tinggi sprei 30cm)

Ukuran Bed Cover +/- 230×230 ; model sarung bantal frame

Sprei 160x200x30 atau 180x200x30 Rp 290.000 (termasuk 2 sarung bantal, 2 sarung guling) 77 kata lagi


Why you Should Buy Bed Frames Online

Why would you buy bed frames online

You must take a good night’s sleep, so that the new challenges of the next day. If you do not have a good sleep at night, you will wake up grumpy the next morning, which can ruin your whole day. 399 kata lagi


Harga Bed Cover Murah Terbaru 2015

Harga Bed Cover Murah Terbaru 2015 – Sprei star merupakan salah satu penyedia sprei yg telah amat ternama. Anak-anak kebanyakan belum berani utk tidur dalam kamar sendiri. 408 kata lagi

Bed Cover