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„Gansi“ najavili koncerte u Evropi 2017.

Američka hard rok rupa „Gans en rouzes“ najavila je da kreće na turneju u okviru koje će svirati u Evropi posle 23 godine.

Bend će prvo svirati u januaru u Japanu, posle čega ide na Novi Zeland, Australiju, Singapur i Ujedinjene Arapske Emirate, a u Evropi turneju počinju 27. 100 kata lagi


Three Misconceptions About Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks, Debunked

Highly-targeted, low volume business email compromise (BEC) scams are one of the biggest threats to companies today. Unlike traditional high-volume credential phishing attacks, BEC is a form of highly targeted email spoofing that impersonates corporate identities to solicit fraudulent wire transfers, steal company data, credentials and other confidential information. 20 kata lagi

Fraud Department in Civil War Over How Business Email Compromise Should Be Classified 

New York

Witnesses are calling it the worst office feud they have ever seen. An entire fraud department is now in chaos over how to classify Business Email Compromise. 266 kata lagi

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CSI & BEC DC Holiday Party 2016

DC Metro CSI and Building Enclosure Council DC Cordially Invite You to Our Annual Holiday Party and Tabletop Show

Join us at 6:30 PM for drinks, food and merriment! 103 kata lagi

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Chicken Joes - Home of the Chicken Nugget

Who doesn’t love french fries, nuggets, chili, cheese, bacon? You get the point.  Chicken Joe’s is by far one of my all time favorite places to eat and if you haven’t tried it yet, you have not lived.   368 kata lagi

Comfort Food

Through my NAACP eyes

As a first year student coming to the University of Florida, I was bombarded by the various organizations this school had to offer. This especially included the numerous black orgs that became the talk of the community. 502 kata lagi

You Should Probably Skip 'Watch Dogs' Before Playing 'Watch Dogs 2'

Watch Dogs 2 (or WATCH_DOGS 2, as it’s stylized) is coming out on November 15, so if you’re among those preparing for the launch with its selfie reveal app, you might be wondering if it’s necessary to play the first game to get the full experience. 1.686 kata lagi