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Call the Beautician

February 2, 2016

Hello sisters,

There are some things you just have to take on the chin, or in my case off! (I’ll explain later). Being a girl is great, absolutely wonderful really, in short I love it – but (and in my case it’s a big ‘butt’) there are some things that are not so *finger bunnies* “awesome” *closes finger bunnies*. 515 kata lagi


Drinking on a Tuesday

April 10, 2016

Dearest Sisters,

Idea for drinking game or, if you’re a health nut, (and I mean that respectfully) then perhaps a drop-and-give-me-one push up! 353 kata lagi


Black Eyed Childern

Black eyed children aren’t a modern phenomena, there are reported sightings of these being dating back to the early 1800’s although in recent years they have become more frequently seen. 260 kata lagi


[EF]#16.6 Getting Online

Did you ever Google yourself? I did.

I feel amazing about what I saw from Google. It knew every website that had me as their member. 249 kata lagi

Buah Pikiran

Crossing cultures

Activity 1 – Globalisation

  • Why do you think Kofi Annan said this?

‘… arguing against globalisation is like arguing against the laws of gravity.’  — Kofi Annan, United Nation (2000) (source from: … 295 kata lagi