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Having a Good Time at BEC #1 Gathering

My only question after all the event was: how could you guys (the admins) be so kind?? :mrgreen:
Seriously, but the event was so good and the fact that it was for free is somehow very generous for me. 446 more words


EF #8 - A Letter for the Lil' Girl I Used to Be

Pontianak, February 27, 2015

Dear the little girl in 10 years ago named Calistia,

You must have grown into a teenage girl.
So, are you still that little, thin, and short girl? 334 more words


[EF #8]: Dear Younger Me

Dear me,

Hello, girl. I’m you in the next 10 years.

So, how’s your campus life? It’s great to know you surrounded by such good friends. 200 more words

Cerita Mama

From This Future [EF#8]

Hi…Fieni in 2005.

How was your day? How was your first Engineering Mechanics? You’ve got E? Don’t worry, you will get A on the next short semester. 173 more words


[EF]#8 Hello Younger Me

Hello tough girl!
Hello younger me!

Busy with UAN coming up right? It’s okay, you studied hard already, you would pass it :) .

Coming up next, your collage life. 268 more words

Its About Feelin'

EF #8: Letter from A Proud 25

Dear The Teenage Me,

First thing first, I guess not much to say, just thank you so much for being you all this time. As a good yet bad-tempered girl, you did a lot for I am now. 294 more words


EF#8 - Hey You.... Yes You

Keep be true to yourself, that’s the most important thing. Remember that. 

Hey you…. a man with blue shirt, how are you? How was your 23rd birthday?

627 more words
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