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In Memoriam - Bagel Express

I spent the majority of life across the Hudson river. The iconic New York City skyline formed the background of countless memories. The 128, 165, 166, 168, and countless “Spanish Busses” gave me access to this island teeming with life. 474 kata lagi


[EF]#16.10 Adjustment During Ramadhan

Ramadhan month has left, but we still in our Shawwal month. Anyone who doing Syawal fast? So it was really different with fasted in Ramadhan, since we do it in our daily life. 290 kata lagi

Japan in one week

So, dear sisters, its been a while since my last post but I thought I would write about my recent trip to Japan. Or as I like to call it, Japan-land. 719 kata lagi


[EF]#16.9 The Unexpected Event

During my blog days, never cross my mine that someday there is my college would search about her task and get it from my blog. It was happen last years when she ask me if I knew about coklatdanhujan.wordpress.com since there are my photos in one of the post. 106 kata lagi


"BEC hackers and scammers involved are

“BEC hackers and scammers involved are sophisticated—they monitor and study their victims for extended periods.” http://ow.ly/TOwN301NyQW

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