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Stylo-plume Pilot 78G

Pilot 78G

Fiche technique :

  • Noir (se fait également en rouge, en vert et en bleu/turquoise);
  • Plume M (aussi F et B);
  • Poids (avec capuchon) : 12,62 g;
  • 1.451 kata lagi
Pilot 78G

Mid-Week Reading

Prajna Desai discusses the ways in which her current project shaped her idea of women in the kitchen in her new work, The Indecisive Chicken. 82 kata lagi


European firms’ financial departments the target of cyberattacks

Two major cyberattacks have siphoned over $50 million and nearly $80 million from the Belgian bank Crelan and the Austrian aircraft parts manufacturer FACC, respectively. 302 kata lagi

Security News

Life in general

I know there a probably are a lot of people researching my name and forming opinions of me some are positive or negative. People may think I am a good person, some people may think I am evil. 327 kata lagi


[EF]#16.2 The Intern

pict taken from here

Starting a new job can be challenging for a new people. But how about the elder? How about a retired person trying to work as intern in e-commerce business?   559 kata lagi

In response to: Bayelsa elders urge FG to apply caution in pipeline burning. 

The BEC has a responsibility of maintaining peace and order within their jurisdiction. The whole purpose of establishing and supporting traditional rulers by the government is to bring the government closer to the people particularly those outside the urban cities. 522 kata lagi