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June 19, 2015 at 07:46PM

Avocettes élégantes ¼ by 1DSens33

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[EF]#22 Vitamin Sea

I need Vitamin Sea this couple of months. Last 2013, I really want to go to Karimun Jawa in December, but I couldn’t do that since I need work to do. 270 kata lagi

Its About Feelin'

[EF]#21 Let's Go To Bosscha Observatory!!

Holiday is coming, so where are you going to go? Let me tell you one place near Bandung that can be one of your place destination for holiday… 246 kata lagi


Eclipse Phase: Price of Doing Business

We recently ran an online game of Eclipse Phase. We were partly inspired to run this after watching a video by PBS Space Time covering the advantages of colonising Venus. 142 kata lagi

[insert Quest Here]


Right now I’m BEC with my mother.  Like any mother and daughter, we’ve had our ups and our downs. We had been having a lot of ups until recently.  535 kata lagi

Tổng kết TEDxYouth@DienBienPhuSt - Chủ đề "Conflation"

Sau bao nhiêu ngày mong đợi, lễ hội ý tưởng TEDxYouth@DienBienPhuSt đã diễn ra vào ngày 24/05/2015 tại nhà hàng EdenStar, số 38 đường Bùi Thị Xuân, phường Bến Thành, quận 1. 1.741 kata lagi


About the BEC

Blairstown Enhancement Committee Blairstown, NJ is a town of multi-talented and diverse people who share an appreciation for the beauty of the place they live. We welcome all to visit our town, and experience the best of rural New Jersey along the banks of the Paulinskill River, astride the Appalachian Trail, or from the height of a plane or glider at our Blairstown Airport. 129 kata lagi