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BEC Wars: The Fraud Arises

“The email looked just like what my CEO would typically send me,” a controller at a business told me when I confirmed fraud activity with her. 632 kata lagi

Fraud Education

[EF]#31 Should We Pay More? Should They Pay Less?

It is really interesting that English Friday becoming challenging every week. Last week challenge is our opinion about this:

Some people feel that certain workers like nurses, doctors and teachers are undervalued and should be paid more, especially when other people like entertainers (e.g. 234 kata lagi

Buah Pikiran

Trubaci Wien,Bec,Austrija :: +381 63/700-9684

Trubači Wien,Beč,Austrija. Trubački orkestar Milana Petrovica iz Vladičinog Hana,Pobednik na saboru trubača u guči.
Dolazimo po vašem pozivu za sva vaša veselja.


[EF]#30 What If

What if I give you my story?
Are you gonna listen to me?
What if I give you my heart?
Are we never gonna be apart?
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Its About Feelin'

Trubaci Bec,Wien,Austrija 00381 63/700-96-84

Trubaci Srbije. Pobednici Guce. Nase informacije;
Trubacki orkestar Milana Petrovica za sva vasa slavlja i veselja. Dolazimo po vasem pozivu za Svadbe, Vencanja, Krstenja, Punolestva, Mature.