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EF #12: Walk On!

This is so super later post, I’m sorry :( Since this week I was quite sluggish, even when nothing special changed the routines, though. Haaha Okey, put aside the curcol, I’m going to tell you… 257 more words


[EF#12] My transportation mode

Since I started my school year and the kiddos started to have many activities, I began to use private car as my transportation mode. My hubby was generous enough to let me owned a car for running some household errands here and there. 522 more words


EF#12 – Your Means of Transport

As I have changed my blog’s theme for the umpteenth time (well yes, this is the fourth or the fifth times, haha.. The current theme is blue coloured :D), I just remembered about… 702 more words



“Nếu đánh vần các câu chữ bình thường là nhàm chán. Sao ta không xem đó như một cách đọc câu thần chú và nếu ta đọc đúng, phép thuật nhiệm màu sẽ xuất hiện.

940 more words

[EF#12 - Weekly Challenge] Your Means of Transport

Everyone need to go here and there, don’t they?

Termasuk masing-masing dari kita juga kan ya? Perlu pergi dari rumah ke kantor, ke sekolah atau ke mana saja untuk menyelesaikan satu urusan. 112 more words

EF Challenge

EF#11 – OOTD

Well, okay.. First of all, please forgive me for being late. I know it’s too late to submit the EF#11 Weekly Challenge. I know I should submit it on last Friday but I just got time to post it now. 390 more words


[EF]#11 My Outfit

This is my first post about outfit of the day. I rarely have my photo in this blog neither in my instagram, so this is very challenging for me to share my full body photo. 178 more words