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You Said It: Julie Payette, and Sun columnists too hard on people


As the representative of the Queen and of all Canadians, the Governor General of all people should be cognizant and respectful of the diversity of our peoples, of our nation. 490 kata lagi

Justin Trudeau

Colten Pratt's family hanging onto hope

The family of Colten Pratt continues to hold hope that answers will come as new information surfaced on the third anniversary of his disappearance.

“We never shut the door. 476 kata lagi

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You Said It: No respect for our first responders


During a slight traffic jam on Riverside Drive recently, we all politely moved to one side in order to allow room for the ambulance driver; that is to say, all but one. 465 kata lagi

Justin Trudeau

You Said It: Quebec is right, and Watson's wrong, over mask ban


So Quebec is banning masks (including burkas and niqabs). Would those arguing that a person should be able to wear what they want also argue in favour of anarchist black masks or public nudity? 474 kata lagi

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