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How becoming a fashion designer can change your life?

Fashion has today become a part of our everyday life. It is a budding industry which holds a promising future. The industry has tremendous opportunities for fashion enthusiasts which is the main reason for its growing popularity. 394 kata lagi

Poornima University

Pengalaman PPA BCA 2015 (failed sih di interview lol)

haiiii, its been a long time since my last update ya wkwkkwkwk

But well, harini gue mau ngasih tips dari kesalahan kesalahan yang lalu ajasih, supaya para dedek dedek emesh bisa dapetin masa depan yang lebih cerah. 589 kata lagi

Alayna Ertl death: Why did it take hours for Amber Alert to be issued?

Phones went off across Minnesota Saturday lunchtime as the Amber Alert relating to the abduction of Alayna Ertl was sent out by authorities.

The body of the 5 year old was found later that afternoon, around 4:20 p.m. 549 kata lagi


Fire-damaged CK Building to be closed for reconstruction work: BCA

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

SINGAPORE – CK Building, which was damaged by a fierce fire on Wednesday (Aug 17), has been ordered to close, said the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). 170 kata lagi

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Bangalore University - Data Communication Networks

Chapter 1: Introduction: Ch1DCN

Chapter 2: Layered Architecture: Ch2DCN

Chapter 3: Digital Transmission: Ch3DCN


2016 Roster

With the new event on its way, we are pleased to introduce the first batch of people who had already taken the oath of BCA. 66 kata lagi


School Days: A Trip To Boston City Archives

Are there records that family historians can use to learn about their ancestor’s early life in school? Yes, there are, but it depends on whether the records have survived. 782 kata lagi