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The Early Sub: Top 5 Midfielders In The World

The world boasts plenty of incredible midfielders right now. All top 7 leagues in Europe contain rosters of visionary, playmaking midfielders with incredible skill on the ball. 1.779 kata lagi

Bavaria, Germany

I lived in Germany over the course of a better part of a decade. My heart and soul are so connected to the country that at times I do forget that I am not actually from there. 1.366 kata lagi

Kaiserburg Nürnberg ( Imperial Castle )

I love everything about castles!

For an asian like me, I think castles are symbolic emblem of  magical kingdom and it is such an adventure to get to know the stories behind each castle .Just like any enthusiast, every castle is unique and the architecture is unfathomable.It always excites me but considering the heavy… 1.070 kata lagi

Expat Life

Bitter- sweet Marriage Carousel Fountain in Nürnberg

Have you guys been to Nuremberg?

I’m going to share with you with my series of posts about my travel experience in the second largest city in Bavaria, … 1.164 kata lagi

Expat Life

Michelle Williams Has Dinner in Rome with Producer Friend

When in Rome … Michelle Williams likes to play tourist.

The actress, 36, was spotted Monday evening with producer friend Kevin Walsh at Pierluigi restaurant. Williams wore an off-the-shoulder red dress by Reformation (which… 194 kata lagi


The Fairytale King's Last Palace and My Last Adventure

On Sunday, the end of my last weekend in Austria, I went with Michael to one of King Ludwig II’s incomplete palaces in Bavaria, Germany. Due to a series of misfortunes, including an incomplete essay and a forgotten passport, we ended up catching a late afternoon train, arriving in Prien am Chiemsee, the closest stop, at around 2pm. 924 kata lagi

Personal Trips

D - Day

As I said my last goodbyes at the airport of my beloved city, Bangalore, passing through the entrance and looking back at the faces of my friends and family for one last time, my mind was blank due to a myriad of emotions that were taking hold of me. 372 kata lagi