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Amazing Bass! - Get Here.

Oleta adams – Get Here.

This time I’m looking at Oleta Adams’ Get Here.  As you’ve guessed the bass player on this track was… 97 more words

Create fabulous bass fills by thinking Rhythm 1st, Notes 2nd - bass lesson by Scott Whitley

Here’s another video from Scott Whitley that was just posted on Talkbass. The last one he posted was about subdividing beats to work out interesting rhythms. 115 more words



Oh! So I’m going to sign off my posts in this way, as a homage to Gossip Girl. No other reason, just simply cos that shit is great and we all need a regular visual reminder of Chuck Bass.


Bassnectar - Lost in the Crowd (LOCOJA Remix)

Bassnectar’s most recent release, Noise vs. Beauty, hasn’t been my favorite album of his, besides a few great tracks. But I really love the remixes. The first… 51 more words