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Bassworks: My Top 10 Chris Squire Bass Performances

Bass legend Chris Squire may be gone, but he is most definitely not forgotten. During the time we were lucky enough to have him in this life, Squire produced some of the most innovative and interesting bass work of any genre of music. 911 kata lagi

Progressive Rock

Disappointment in Your Face Dream - May 4, 2016

Eligh was sitting on the couch. I was playing the bass while lying down. It was an electric bass. A song was playing that I was supposed to play along with, but I wasn’t really paying attention and I came in at the wrong time and on the wrong fret. 45 kata lagi

Dietrich in Heaven

Spoken word track from the upcoming album Arson & Grace. Featuring Ben Wright on bass.
Listen here.
John Biscello

Steve Jones' Big Striper

THAT’S one heck of a nice striped bass caught by Steve Jones this morning out on Beaver Lake on fly.

Indeed Steve picked up the RIO Striper line from us back in December to do dual duty on the lake and on the White River tailwaters. 83 kata lagi


The Awesome Power of the Generalist-Specialist Hybrid

A generalist has many, varied interests; a specialist has one, primary one. For me, the secret to happiness and professional success is combining both approaches. 392 kata lagi


Chuck Kraft, “Tying Top Water Bugs for Bass”: May 10, 2016

Chuck Kraft’s top water patterns are the result of 25 years of refinement, and they revolutionized top water fishing for smallmouth bass. The largest fish in the river are all well-educated, often refusing traditional style poppers, but they will strike Chuck’s Topwater Bugs with reckless abandon. 119 kata lagi


King Yoof - 100% Dubplate Mix 2016 [Chopstick Dubplate]

Cockney rudeboy King Yoof’s rooftop dub shack serves up fifty-seven flavors of dubplate in just over an hour of mixed musical madness. The smell of fresh acetate oozes from the speaker. 99 kata lagi