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Vector Bass Drum Pedal: Percussion Kinetics meets Christopher Columbus

I rarely write about a product in this blog. I do appreciate the occasional solicitations for reviews and am honored actually to get them, but that’s not what this blog is about.  692 kata lagi


Richmond Tonight!

What happens when your bass drum pedal suddenly and violently breaks on the first song of a set? You MacGyver it back together using nothing but three rubber bands, a paper clip, two strips of gaff tape and then play the rest of the show like nothing ever happened. 13 kata lagi

Live Shows

Quick Torque Cam by Eccentric Systems

Alright, so the first 400 words of this review are really just a quick little lesson about making yourself available and interested in ALL opportunities, not just the ones you already think are cool. 1.336 kata lagi


Sonor Perfect Balance Pedal by Jojo Mayer

I am so happy to share this next review, as it’s the first from Drum Gear Review’s new contributing writer, Mark! After seeing Mark’s brief review of the Perfect Balance Pedal on one of… 961 kata lagi


The Drum Set Originated From Brass Bands? (Part II)

The snare drum is the most powerful and exciting instrument within the percussion section, or drum-line. As aforementioned, this drum has snare rattles under it, giving it a very quick high-pitched, stark sound that allows for fast and compelling playing. 428 kata lagi

Examining your Pedal Technique

A unique way of examining your drum pedal technique.