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The coolest Basel-made app you don't want to miss out on this summer!

How many useless apps do you have on your smartphone? Too many! And how many do you actually use? Too few!

Here is beautifully designed free app you will use everyday to survive the hot summer in Basel.  122 kata lagi


False 9: teams to try on FIFA 15

This summer has consistently provided perfect football weather; that is, the perfect weather to sit inside all day playing FIFA. 846 kata lagi

Al Nassr

Interview: A Baby and a Web Shop

Being self-employed working on communication projects for multinational companies, I often wonder if it wouldn’t be more convenient to have an online shop. This way, my time is not limited to how many hours I can bill. 1.817 kata lagi


Rhine Bike River Tour: Urban and Rural Photos

Throughout our trip, Las Chicas ride through fields and vineyards, medieval villages and cities, over hills and by the water, back and forth between Germany and Switzerland. 203 kata lagi


Rhine River Bike Tour: Bad Sackingen to Basel

Kater Hiddigeigei (Hiddigeigei the Cat) narrates a 19th-century German epic poem called “The Trumpeteer of Bad Sackingen.”

On farm road to Bad Sackingen . . . 350 kata lagi


Bordercrossing Conference: FUTUR€$ Conference on Money

The Conference FUTURE€$ – Prospective Money and Money’s Prospects, which I’m organising together with Axel Paul and Cornelius Moriz, will take place from 24-26 September 2015 at the University of Basel, Switzerland. 298 kata lagi

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