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Did I mention rain?

Yep, still raining. Cold rain, really heavy rain. The kind of rain that comes with a chaser of 50 km/h winds. Hmmm.

We had the best of intentions… even walked out of the hotel dressed in our riding gear, panniers ready to load on to the bikes. 290 more words



“If you watch how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing itself, you can’t help but learn.”Bernie Siegel, MD

Is there anything sweeter than the arrival of spring?  148 more words

Photo Of The Week

The time-travel peep show: Basel

Again, another peep show addition. And this time, we’re time-travelling!

I’ve been to Basel once before, for a couple of hours, when my friends and I were doing an architectural competition there in 2013. 704 more words


Basel: Museums and Galleries

After exploring the town of Basel and sitting down to lunch at a bakery that also sold plated meals (Chloe had a ‘Pizza’ that ressembled a quiche, I had a veggie Strudel -which was delicious), we headed off to visit the temporary exhibition on Paul Gauguin, housed at the Foundation Beyeler. 612 more words

Basel: Münster

Basler Münster is the local name for the Basel Cathedral, and is a central attraction for the city. Considered a cultural heritage site of national significance, its red sandstone facade, twin towers and coloured roof tiles are the result of a mixed history. 224 more words


Basel: Street art

Lots of murals and paintings decorated the walls of many Basel buildings. Unfortunately, there was also a lot of plain black tag graffiti scrawled carelessly across some of the beautiful old buildings, which I found a real pity. 46 more words