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Basler Fasnacht

(Basel Carnival)

Happily, it is currently the school holidays in my little patch of France. You can therefore most likely expect a slightly sickening post of all the exciting things I’ve been up to in the coming weeks, but for now, I feel my visit to Basel’s carnival deserves a post all of its very own. 808 more words


TOUCHLINEUI: THE OFFSIDE RULE:where law meets football

Fan 1: “That shouldn’t be a goal, he was offside!”

Fan 2: “No! He wasn’t, can’t you be objective for once in your life”

Fan 1: “What do you know about football? 776 more words


Cocktails into the wild

Once a month, once night comes, inhabitants of the Natural History Museum come to life, get off their pedestals and mix drinks behind a bar! Large white leather couches are  set up on the last floor to welcome cocktail fans thirsty for a change of scene. 63 more words


Friday letters: the end of February

February is over! Well, practically. There’s still tomorrow to get through. Then it will be March… the month that Jan was supposed to be moving. Actually, the month Jan has to move seeing as he starts his new job on the… 328 more words


Fasnacht (Bâle)

De passage à Bâle, après le boulot et avant d’aller remplir mon estomac qui criait famine, attiré par la musique des tambours, je suis allé faire un petit tour dans les rues de Bâle couvertes de confettis … c’est… 46 more words

Olympus OM-D E-M5

Basler Fasnacht 2015

Beautiful weather…… can’t be better!