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Tennessee McDonalds nativity scene goes viral

A nativity mural in the window of a Tennessee McDonald’s has gone viral. (AP Photo)

Starbucks plain red cup may have angered some for not being Christmas-y enough. 363 kata lagi

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Back Story-- Asher Mains shares background on "Sea Lungs" for Rhy Art Fair, Basel

Here is the artist  Asher Mains at work, finding and creating the story.  Located in the island of Grenada in the Caribbean,  he builds the work using local materials.   16 kata lagi

Asher Mains

Photo an hour: 22 May 2016

This time I didn’t completely fail to realise photo an hour was happening! I have failed to get my post about it written until today, though. 324 kata lagi


Overview of current (CRR) and proposed (Basel*) exposure classes and risk weights under the Standardised Approach for credit risk


Please see the below the current exposures classes and risk weights under CRR (Capital Requirements Regulation) – {http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32013R0575&from=EN} and proposed by *Basel Committee of Banking Supervision – { 38 kata lagi


Raclette (Week 6)

Cheese: Valais Raclette AOP

Producer: –

Where: Valais Canton, Switzerland

I returned from a business trip to Basel, Switzerland with a suitcase full of Raclette cheese. 451 kata lagi


Diário de bordo - Day one

Já não é a primeira vez que visitei Suíça, mas nunca tinha gostado tanto de um sítio nesse país como de Basileia. Apesar da chuva que nos demorou mais a viagem, a visita foi maravilhosa, deixou um gostinho de quero mais, quando nos viemos embora. 152 kata lagi