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Blogging from A to Z - V - Vehicles

…Other than trams and trains, haha!

Since that’s pretty much all I talk about, you might think that’s all we have here!

But in fact, there are lots of other vehicles on the street. 463 more words


Blogging from A to Z - U - Umbrella

It rains a lot here.

I have lamented my lack of rain boots (luckily G has a pair) and the fact that my beloved bootcut jeans get soaked whenever I have to walk in the rain.   287 more words


Spring Blossoms...

Let me capture and keep you somewhere

Your stay on that branch is so brief

Yet the etching on the mind so strong..

in anticipation, in delight, in recollection… 74 more words


T is for The Tinguely Museum.

On a recent trip to Basle, on the “things to do” list was a trip here. I’d never heard of it, had never heard of Jean Tinguely either, but after stopping for a coffee on the first days sightseeing, when the young French waitress also said it was a must see, we headed off, and found the impressive building on the banks of The Rhine. 259 more words


Basel on film

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to visit Basel, one of my favourite Swiss cities. Here are some impressions.

All the photos were taken with Canon AV-1. 74 more words



My interest in photography focuses on the interplay of nature and industrial structures. Here are some samples, taken in Basel at Museum Tinguely and during a walk through the… 25 more words