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Nyi Ageng Ratu Pemikat

Nyi Ageng Ratu Pemikat is an odd film. Odd not just because it is an Indonesian action fantasy directed by Sundel Bolong’s Sisworo Gautama Putra and starring Suzzanna and Barry Prima, which are characteristically odd, but also odd in contrast to the expectations that such films typically raise. 54 kata lagi

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Barry Prima


  • Name: Barry Prima
  • Birth Name: Hubertus Knoch
  • Born: 1955 (Age 58)
  • Birthplace: Bandung, Indonesia
  • Religion: Moslem
  • Family: Eva Arnaz



GARUDA 7: “The Expendables” Versi Indonesia dan Reuni Para Bintang Laga Lawas Indonesia

Sebuah film dengan para pemain laga Veteran Indonesia & Internasional sedang dipersiapkan oleh rumah produksi baru Lifevolution Pictures. Film dengan tajuk Garuda 7 direncanakan akan diisi oleh jajaran aktor laga Indonesia yang pernah eksis di tahun 80an dan 90an seperti Barry Prima, Willy Dozan,  George Rudy, Lam Ting, dan menurut sebuah portal film… 192 kata lagi

Asian Film

Ghost With Hole

I wish there was a better way to describe the late, Javanese-born actress Suzzanna than as “the Queen of Indonesian Horror”, but that title is as accurate as it is shopworn. 2.489 kata lagi

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JUDUL FILM                        : JAKA TUAK

SUTRADARA                       : SA KARIM

CERITA                                  : M ABNAR ROMLI

SKENARIO                           : M ABNAR ROMLI

MUSIK                                  : DONNY IRAWAN

PRODUSER                          : HERMAN DIAL… 572 kata lagi

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Barry Prima

Barry Prima (b. 1955) is perhaps the most recognisable male face of Indonesia’s action and trash cinema of the 1980s and 1990s. If it is any indication of his status, he is absent from the official records of film industry personnel. 198 kata lagi

Barry Prima