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Belgium, Breweriana, and Bargaining!

I haven’t had a chance to sample and review any new Belgian beers. But I did come across a fun bit of info I thought I’d share. 116 more words



The Barter System

Bartering may be “old style” in the U.S., but I think that’s just in cities. Because in the country, a lot of bartering still goes on. 248 more words


5 ways to help with procrastination!

We all procrastinate sometimes!

The saying you’ll miss the boat or just plain old lazy come to mind when I hear the word procrastination!

‘Can’t be bothered’ or… 426 more words


LCCEA Bargaining Team Report: Contract status and related discussions with the Administration

LCC Faculty Colleagues,

We are writing to update you on our current contract status and related discussions with the Administration:

1.  In many years most of us would support a contract proposal that would provide at least full COLA, full steps, and 100% employer pickup of the insurance rate hike. 725 more words


Cluelessness At Its Best

I posted a very negative review on Yelp about a hospital where my mom was grossly misdiagnosed based on symptom treatment rather than medical tests. This diagnosis took her like after 6 weeks of torture. 572 more words


Fear of Flying

Happy Tuesday! I’m starting to feel recovered after Saturday’s race, and I’m finally able to think about other things :) I’m flying to Portland this weekend for a conference for work, but lucky for me, my best friend lives there too. 560 more words


5 Stages of Grief- Reaching 'Acceptance'

So. A fairly common theme so far in my blog has been my recent break-up with my ex. I have read hundreds of ‘how to’ articles on how to get over an ex-lover and tonight I am going to share with you lovely people a few of my own tricks. 974 more words