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5 Stages Of Self-Forgiveness

In a world where we do not ask but demand things without furrowed brows or earned dues, we find it incredibly difficult to pardon ourselves of mistakes – and nearly impossible to grant ourselves absolute repentance. 521 more words

New police contract reduces potential liability for Amherstburg

It took only six hours of bargaining for the Amherstburg Police Association to reach a settlement with the police service board and “dramatically” reduce the town’s liability should a switch be made to OPP services. 387 more words


How Apple cut the indie music deal: The 0.2-cent solution

It came down to 0.2 cents per song.

That’s how much the indie labels got from Apple after Taylor Swift weighed in.

Apple has a reputation as a hard bargainer, but thanks in part to NDA penalties as high as… 216 more words


The 5 Stages of Grief

The five stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with the one we lost. 1.227 more words

Evil Gloating And Other Fun Things To Do With A Colonoscopy

If someone had told me 20 years ago that my future self would pay a man thousands of dollars to look up my butt with a camera, I would have done the whole “laugh in their face” thing (you know – HA! 970 more words

The Game Theory of the Cardinals/Astros Spying Affair

The NY Times reported today that the St. Louis Cardinals hacked the Houston Astros’ internal files, including information on the trade market. I suspect that everyone has a basic understanding why the Cardinals would find this information useful. 639 more words

Game Theory

Your throat 3.11.2014

The sound
The emotion
I want it
All to myself
Not be shared with any person
Just me
All mine
I remember those nights
Ahhh, those nights… 409 more words