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Term Bargaining Ground Rules and FSIP

Recently, NTEU was advised by the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP or the Panel) that it had asserted jurisdiction over the parties’ impasse over ground rules. 256 kata lagi


Update on Fiscal Year 2017 Employee Awards Policy

The administration has issued an instructional memorandum to agencies regarding the policy for awards provided in Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 to frontline employees. In 2010, a cap was instituted that limited awards for both senior executives and frontline employees, which has resulted in significantly lower awards for all federal employees in recent years. 263 kata lagi


Fiction: Bargaining (99 words)

What if I had offered to cook for them that night instead? A romantic dinner made by their loving only daughter.  That’s an anniversary present, if I’ve ever heard it. 69 kata lagi


KSCU Bargaining Bulletin - How we got here - November 2016-

Below is some information about what was presented in bargaining that lead to the lockout.

Click on the link to see all of our struggles so far: 184 kata lagi

Local 9705

DABDA in Trauma Recovery

When I first began the journey of recovering, I mourned her… the loss of who I was.  For a long time, I felt as if my best friend had suddenly died because right before the trauma had happened to me, I had done about a year’s work of self-esteem work and I had come to love myself.  507 kata lagi

The Five Stages of Trump

Not all journeys are physical. This is a journey I’ve had to make this past week and it’s one that many of us are making together right now. 3.809 kata lagi