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Red Wagon War

Mother and I went to one of our favorite stores the other day, Goodwill. I headed straight for the back to see if I could find a nice piece of cast-iron cookware. 227 kata lagi


Bargaining for books

This previous weekend my family and I went out-of-town and stumbled across an old flea market. My mom was mainly the one that wanted to go see it. 212 kata lagi


POSTCARDS FROM CUBA: get out of my dreams, get into my car & pay me 2.5x the going rate pls

For Billy Ocean, with apologies.

The game is Pick The Client / Pick The Driver, and it goes like this:

Driver 1: “Taxi?”

Jane: “Yes.

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Postcards From Cuba

Price/less Cuba

Money-handling might be tricky. I consider it a general rule. While many of us struggle dealing with money even at home, it naturally doesn’t become any easier on the road. 1.353 kata lagi


CGE makes GovTrip look good

I have received many complaints from BUEs about CGE, the newest HHS travel management fiasco.

Today, I personally experienced CGE’s inefficiency when I discovered that a cancelled hotel reservation for May 23 failed to cancel with the hotel, even after deleting the unapproved travel authorization. 105 kata lagi


Grief as Anger

Last week, when I was feeling cranky, maybe even angry, about some little thing at school, I realized that I have been angry a lot lately. 1.120 kata lagi

On my way to St. Louis

I’m traveling this morning to visit CDER’s Division of Pharmaceutical Analysis in St. Louis for a briefing on a change in working conditions and potentially to bargain depending on what I hear. 77 kata lagi