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How to Bargain like PRO - Beijing Pearl Market

Hóngqiáo Pearl Market

Bring empty bags to Beijing so you have room to bring home your new wardrobe!

The Pearl Market can be found at the Temple of Heaven Tian Tan Dong Men stop on line 5. 1.339 kata lagi


just once

you said what we say
when something’s too hard to resist
life is too short
not to bend this one time
and enjoy what it has to give… 31 kata lagi


Bargaining - How to Slash Prices by 80%

Bargaining is a way of life in Morocco. If you are a visible minority, expect to have a premium on top of the inflated tourist pricing. 1.111 kata lagi


Revised Travel Staff Manual Guides

You may recall that, on June 21, 2017, the FDA rescinded three unilaterally implemented Staff Manual Guides (SMGs) related to travel, in response to a national grievance filed by NTEU. 121 kata lagi


Bargaining Recap for July & August

The negotiating teams for the AAUP and administration (ANT) met on July 25 and again on August 10. We are pleased to report that we have made real progress in the last two sessions and go into the Fall on a mostly-positive note. 582 kata lagi


Bargained and Thus Saved..

I wanted a chocolate taffy
It cost 5 rupees
With no money to spare
My mother tried to appease
With a long list of groceries… 612 kata lagi