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Back in April when Retail Workers for a Democratic Union went to the quarterly meeting, both Dan Clay and Jeff Anderson did their best to avoid discussing bargaining. 446 kata lagi

Bargaining and the crisis

We are one year away from bargaining our contracts with UofG and the “progression of CUPE 3913’s organizational restructuring”, as the so called President’s “ 497 kata lagi


Recovering from Grief

In pastoral care, while it is important to establish and maintain relationships through visitation under ordinary circumstances, it is crucial to have presence during times of change in the members’ lives. 544 kata lagi


My Journey with God Through Grief: Bargaining 

The day I heard my dad had cancer was the same day I completed my final presentation of my 3 year Textile Technology diploma. I remember coming out of the presentation feeling relieved and grateful that the journey was over and I was able to get back to a semi-normal life without working and studying 18hrs a day. 806 kata lagi


Rant #5: The Truth and the Five Stages of Grief

There is only a before and after. 


September 7, 2015

I lost a dear friend that day. She was the most lively person I’ve ever met and she was beautiful and nice and she’s the person who I thought will always be present in my life. 1.132 kata lagi

About Me

confucian says

I’ve learned, while traveling Vietnam, never to expect the local price for goods. In Vietnam the price for just about everything is subject to bargaining, a quick, robust and serious art. 537 kata lagi


The Tale of Hannah And The Good God Bargain

Let’s talk about Hannah. Her story is in 1 Samuel, chapter 1 onwards. Her name means grace.

And grace she definitely encountered when she went to God, in despair, broken hearted, feeling cursed, because she had no children to call her own.  578 kata lagi