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Brown is my New Black

I was dressed all in black, as if something inside me knew that some force in alliance with darkness will engulf me later that day. 815 kata lagi


AAUP Bargaining Recap for June 15

The negotiating teams for the administration and the PSU-AAUP met on June 15. Below is a summary of the topics and proposals discussed:

Shared Governance – Knowing that more faculty than ever are being asked to volunteer for service initiatives over the summer and fall–and that many of the deadlines for such roles were approaching in late-May and early-June–we have asked the ANT about the status of our proposal on Shared Governance in every meeting since presenting our second proposal in April. 453 kata lagi


The Joys Of Being Single: Grieving 101

I don’t know about you but when I decide that something is in the past, that’s where it needs to stay. If I decide that it needs to be done with, then I do it and don’t look back. 273 kata lagi


Sale Spotted: Shea Moisture At Ulta.

You ever find yourself in a store you shouldn’t be in because … budget restrictions? So I somehow ended up in Ulta on Sunday. I went in to look at DevaCurl products to figure out how to perfect a wash and go. 204 kata lagi



I have chosen not to promote this particular piece of writing on my Instagram. That is because this is coming from a very deep and fragile place within me that I do not wish to share with everybody. 1.087 kata lagi

Five stages of grief? (More like 20 million stages all at once)

Quick question, what exactly is grief?

“intense sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death.”  Let me just mention that again. ‘Especially caused by someone’s death’ Sadness from death has it’s only wee word… Right, carry on. 1.854 kata lagi

Ottawa Citizen, Sun staff vote yes to possible strike action

The Ottawa Newspaper Guild will head into conciliation talks with Postmedia on June 20 armed with a strong strike mandate.

Members of the ONG, who work at… 406 kata lagi

CWA Canada Locals