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Management violates core hours in our chapter

I recently learned that the ORA Southwest Imports District (SWID) is starting a pilot program that will allow employees to voluntarily work shifts Monday through Friday as follows: 256 kata lagi


The Girl

Note: All italicized words are not mine, they are lyrics from the song shown above.

She’s fallen too far, the girl that time forgot.

#1. 1.900 kata lagi


The Cambodian Dress

I remember Saturday when I rollerbladed on Venice Beach in what I nicknamed my Dress of Transformation. It is a dress the color of rich earth with bright magenta flowers, and a turquoise butterfly huge across the skirt part. 281 kata lagi

Wireless Internet Access in ORA Southwest Region offices

Management notified our chapter representatives that the Dallas offices (SWRO, DAL-DO, and SWID) are currently having wireless internet access installed. Also, Kansas City District Office will get wireless internet access soon. 308 kata lagi


Trying the Unique Sensation of Bargaining in Traditional Market

As we know Bali is the best tourist destination in the world, because it offers many unique daily life, amazing panorama, delicious food and beautiful handicraft. 297 kata lagi


Collective Bargaining without Unions

As John Lennon once prompted . . . . Imagine . . . . but in this case collective bargaining without unions. The nation talks about universal medical coverage, so why not universal labor coverage? 253 kata lagi