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The Boy Who Never Learnt To Bargain

     Staying away from home teaches you many things about life, most of which we would normally overlook. It could be anything, ranging from complex tasks such as waking up on time to tasks that make you wish you had an extra set of brains and arms; like washing your laundry. 826 more words


Psalm 79: Bargaining with God

Theologian Walter Brueggemann divides the psalms into three categories: psalms of orientation, disorientation and re-orientation. This week’s psalm, Psalm 79, is a psalm of disorientation. It is a communal lament. 627 more words


Effective Communication: Using Context

This is advice we often hear: “When you are actively listening, give the speaker feedback so they know you hear them.” There are many variations on this advice. 429 more words


Outdoor update (the fence is in!) plus tips on how to negotiate

The fence is in! It turned out beautifully. We find the space feels larger now and I can relax much more knowing the kids could not just run out into the street. 404 more words


The Bargaining Conundrum

Everything is a competition.

There, I said it. You know this is true. I know this is true. My wife tells me I am crazy and always fights me on this point, but in doing so, she just strengthens my case. 884 more words

Travel Tips

Abandon Expectation

Like death and taxes,

One other thing is certain.

Change will surely come.

Embrace it or deny it,

But you won’t alter

It’s unstoppable marching… 13 more words


Flying Carpets from Turkey

 Nah, you say. Carpets don’t really fly! But they do! Visit any carpet seller and you will see. Visiting a carpet seller in Turkey is a cultural experience. 1.140 more words