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Collective Bargaining Fallout Far Worse than Imagined

In a document obtained earlier this morning by Progressive Voices of Iowa, it seems the fallout from the collective bargaining bill that was signed into law under witness of Koch Brothers lobbyist, Drew Klein, is already resulting in detrimental changes to state workers. 328 kata lagi


The 'end' in a Fri'end'ship

Have you ever had a friendship that ended in a complicated way? It sucks, right? Something may or may not have caused it, but either way, it never ended properly. 314 kata lagi


Jamieson workers to vote Sunday on tentative contract

Jamieson Laboratories workers will vote Sunday on a new tentative agreement.

The deal was reached late Tuesday night, just 15 minutes before the midnight strike deadline, said Gerry Farnham, president of Unifor Local 195, which represents the workers. 167 kata lagi

Local News

Grievance on NCTR Building 14 Bad Faith Bargaining

Yesterday, NTEU Chapter 254 filed an institutional grievance against FDA National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) management for engaging in bad faith bargaining tactics on negotiations with the Union regarding the renovation of NCTR Building 14. 447 kata lagi

Statutory Rights

LTE: End the Assault on Collective Bargaining

I just retired from my job as an employee of the State of Iowa after 42 years. I have paid my taxes…(based on the wages that I made!!) to the state of Iowa, and the United States and its programs for all of those years. 336 kata lagi


Bargaining Update

Your GAU bargaining team is negotiating for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement – which covers all GA working conditions at SIU.  The team has been bargaining for quite for close three years, unfortunately due to the state budget crisis we have been in a bit of a holding pattern. 254 kata lagi

Healing Through Grief

By Jennifer Christy

A few Sundays ago, I was approached by a distraught woman, who, after listening to my brief talk about having faith in God after a divorce, asked me for some advice for her daughter who had just finalized a divorce. 1.229 kata lagi

Single Parent