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Carboot Wondering

Carboots sales are a part of British culture.

Wondering through lanes and lanes of used and new items sold from a car’s boot.
Toys. Books of classics, cookery and crafts. 129 more words


The Economics of John Nash

I’m in the midst of a four week string of conferences and travel, and terribly backed up with posts on some great new papers, but I can’t let the tragic passing today of John Nash go by without comment. 2.267 more words

Game Theory

Case Solution for National Hockey League Collective Bargaining Agreement

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      National Hockey League Collective Bargaining Agreement

Authors :           Michael Sider, Jeremy Yip, Phil Ward, Steve Dempsey… 161 more words



Today’s topic is a little heavy but I thought it was a good time to share because this past Monday a co-worker of mine lost her 27 year old son. 648 more words


US Bank Pay a Person -- Unobstructed

This was a great commercial from US Bank, which I use to talk about externalities and transactions costs.


Loose Some, Win Some

I remember some time back when I lost my memory card. That night was one of the most depressing nights of my life and also one of the most liberating nights. 651 more words


Thinking Beyond Commodities

Ian Altman has a nice article about two negotiating styles, one for buying and selling commodities and one for things of unique value.  he makes a good point that price negotiations (bargaining) should be done only when there is nothing unique at issue. 11 more words