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Anticipated Nostalgia

Nobody tells you what living abroad will do to you.

Having lived in Barcelona for nine months, I now have to come to terms with the fact that I have one month left here. 405 kata lagi


The final chapter: going home.

I feel numb as I sit here and look at this blank page.

For the last few months I have been planning what I want to say in my final blog post, but now it comes to it, I find myself lost for words. 995 kata lagi


It’s almost time to get ready for the summer and as always in Barcelona it gets extremely hot during the summer months, so I have a few simple tips on how to stay hydrated that I wanted to share… 683 kata lagi

Health And Wellness

Bar Review: Espit Chupito's Barcelona 

​Our favorite local bar owner told us that we had to check out Espit Chupito’s while we were in Barcelona. It’s a shot bar, and for just 2 Euros a shot, you get a delicious drink and entertainment. 121 kata lagi


The Missed Flight.

I wake up to the strange sensation of the sun on my leg, as it starts to creep through the edges of a curtain so thick it could be used as a carpet for your living room. 517 kata lagi


Why Spanish?

Every so often a curious friend or a friendly acquaintance asks me “Why learn Spanish?”. Now I must clarify that I live in downtown Toronto, Canada. 540 kata lagi