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By Norma Tsopo

MUTARE – In a bid to bridge communication barriers with their Bantu servants, white colonialists cobbled together Zulu, English and Afrikaans to create a hybrid dialect – Fanagalo, a Bantu pidgin that would serve as their language of instruction. 637 kata lagi


The Niger Delta Blues

Task 1/2: The Niger Delta is the delta of the Niger River sitting directly on the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean in Nigeria. What do we learn about the situation in the Niger delta through this song? 533 kata lagi

A flexible approach to focus and the syntax-prosody interface

by Kriszta Szendröi (University College, London)

This paper addresses ‘a central question for […] any theory of the syntactic prosodic constituency relation’ (Selkirk, 2011, 17): how to best characterize the notion of ‘clause’ in ALIGN/MATCH constraints related to the syntax-prosody mapping of the intonational phrase. 102 kata lagi



Ayyuhal ikhwah sekedar mengingatkan bahwa bulan ini pengumpulan DANA SOSIAL WIIS sudah bisa dimulai lagi. Jazaakumullahu khoiron
=== Bismillah….=====
Alhamdulillah rekening khusus Dana Sosial telah siap. 59 kata lagi


Bafaka Balue: A Brief History c.14th Century - 20th Century AD


Bafaka Balue is a Bantu village, perched on one of the peaks of the Rumpi Mountains, in the Ndian area of the former British Southern Cameroons. 1.286 kata lagi