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African Languages: The Bantu

The Bantu family consists of over four hundred languages all deriving from the same ancestral language known as ‘proto-Bantu’. This is a fact that has been established beyond doubt on the basis of lexical, phonetic, morphological (grammatical) and syntactic resemblances which cannot be accounted for by mere chance or by borrowings. 395 kata lagi

6 Chrome Extension Yang Membuat Kehidupan Kerjamu Lebih Baik

Berdasar data, web browser Google Chrome memiliki market share sebesar 73% dari seluruh web browser yang digunakan di dunia. Jadi kemungkinan besar kamu adalah salah satu penggunanya. 344 kata lagi


Fashionable to be African?

How amazing is it that an invisible boundary-line can separate race, culture and tribe? In the name for these identities, people are willing to kill, steal and destroy each other so to covet, expand and protect what they believe belongs to them or it’s the survival of the fittest.  405 kata lagi


Work of the Week #22

This week I return to the Pathallea universe, with some grammars for many of the  periphery cultures of the Pathallean island chains – including “Bush,” “Savage,” and “Snowshoe” cultures, to name a few…: 19 kata lagi

Work Of The Week

Last Laugh

Once upon a time you used to love me,
I was your daughter’s long time best friend,
Your son Charlie’s, Secret crush.
My presence in your home was unquestionable, like light at daytime… 473 kata lagi


Once upon an Assassination

In 4 days, it will be the 12th of September, 39 years since Steve Bantu Biko was assassinated. I turned 28 this year and when Biko was assassinated, he was 30 years old. 444 kata lagi

Restorative Justice ... by Alice ..

Dear Ones,

Here is what I’ve found out about Restorative Justice, a concept that I feel holds great promise for new life on New Earth: 154 kata lagi

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