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Nyanja Noun Class Study

The base of the Nyanja language can be said to be the noun, for the infrastructure of sentences depends upon it – adjectives, verbs and modifiers such as quantifiers are all marked morphologically with corresponding prefixes or particles which are either the same as, or modified versions of the noun class markers marking the head noun of the sentence. 1.595 kata lagi


Sani Pass to Lesotho, like stepping back in time.

March 16; Lesotho; Peace. Rain. Prosperity.

Today’s adventure was a tour into the Drakensburg mountains and the Kingdom of Lesotho. 8 of us piled into a land rover and headed into the mountains. 1.121 kata lagi


Cara nak lawan ketagihan gula

Untuk lawan ketagihan gula sila lihat video di bawah dan untuk video2 yang lain sila ke Youtube


pa2 pertanyaan sila lah komen di bawah ni…. 14 kata lagi