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A Crash Course in South African History

I have been watching a lot of videos on Crash Course World History and unfortunately their site has nothing on South Africa; a country with a history that was strongly influenced by trade and  was the first to implement a type of social engineering termed “Apartheid”. 1.315 kata lagi

South Africa

Spotlight Thursday!

Reynaldo Gonzalez’s Matanzas-Style Afro-Cuban Dance Workshop

This week I caught up with Reynaldo Gonzalez in his Matanzas-Style Afro-Cuban dance Workshop. Reynaldo is here visiting from Boston and taught a 2 hour class this Wednesday and will be teaching an entirely different class this Friday August 31st. 316 kata lagi


Festivities for independence of ex-Belgian Congo, now Democratic Republic of the Congo, at Ikela (Equateur Province). The musicians are Mangbetu from Northeast Congo, the men with spears and plaited shields are local Kela of the Mongo liguistic group. 305 kata lagi


The Hair Journey

So, I finally got a question the other day in relation to my hair. A coworker of mine made mention of it being shorter than usual, and I was like finally! 553 kata lagi


Afropolitan Vibes With DJ Cuppy, Sunny Neji, Oge Kimono and others at Freedom Park.

Afropolitan Vibes is set to rock our Friday again this June.

This edition will be having Geoffrey, Oge Kimono, DJ Cuppy, Kahli Abdu & VHS Safari, Sunny Neji and the 12 man Bantu band. 158 kata lagi

Events In Nigeria

750-1900 Centuries of Greatness, The West African Kingdoms by Philip Koslow

Centuries of Greatness, is a great book to start off with for those who do not know much about Ghana’s ancient history or West African ancient history period.   661 kata lagi

Ancient History And Modern History

GFC Help Bantu Masyarakat Secara Berkomuniti - Bantuan Sehingga 130%

kita tidak pernah memusuhi bank atau mahu memusnahkan sistem kapitalis. Masyarakat kita mmg mengambil mudah dgn pinjaman bank. Beli kereta, beli rumah, renovate dapur dan tanpa kita sedari kita mmg terlibat dgn riba dalam kehidupan kita. 58 kata lagi