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Finally, an Academic Weighs in on 'Coloured'

I’m pleased to report that one of the academics to whom I’d reached out, an acquaintance of mine, responded to me the other day. Here is their response: 1.142 more words


GFC Help Bantu Masyarakat Secara Berkomuniti - Bantuan Sehingga 130%

kita tidak pernah memusuhi bank atau mahu memusnahkan sistem kapitalis. Masyarakat kita mmg mengambil mudah dgn pinjaman bank. Beli kereta, beli rumah, renovate dapur dan tanpa kita sedari kita mmg terlibat dgn riba dalam kehidupan kita. 58 more words

Bantu Knot Out

Bantu knots (Knoten) ist ein niedlicher Haarstil – meißt von Frauen afrikanischer Abstammung getragen – die jedoch für beinahe jeden Haartyp funktioniert.

Auch wenn sie Knots heissen, sind sie keine richtigen Knoten. 31 more words


Bantu Poetry: Presence


An ephemeral footprint upon a malleable surface
A dying light casts an everlasting shadow


Bantu Poetry: Vacant


The howling serenity of a crowded space
Clusters of emerald grapes swaying in the morning breeze


Brymo and Patrice in Concert this Friday

The second year anniversary of Lagos’ biggest alternative music concert, Afropolitan Vibes, will feature performances by Patrice Bart-Williams, Brymo, Waje and Ade Bantu’s Agbero Collective. 25 more words


Credo Mutwa on Bantu History

Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa interviewed by David Icke:

(another seat-buster — seems to be a regular thing for David Icke…)