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Pertolongan awal Psikologi @ Psychological First Aid

Seketika berdiri di tengah kota. Beg galas disandar di bahu. Panas terik matahari seakan menampar pipi. Rasa panas. Tapi masih berdiri. Walau orang ramai berselisih ganti. 567 kata lagi

The Kitchen Girl

She used to wash red stained underwear that she could never afford to wear. Her knees endured 22 years of cold tiled floors and a scrubbing brush. 300 kata lagi


If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It.

Once I started getting in the groove of this whole “natural” thing, I found my lane and pretty much stayed in it. I didn’t experiment with too many hairstyles, products, cuts, nothing. 287 kata lagi


Ilwimi lwam, my taal, my language

For many, speaking becomes a complicated task. It becomes even worse in university when we come from diverse parts of the world. The worst part for most is being subjected to speaking the language of the oppressor, English. 464 kata lagi

My Experiences

Bantu You

A fabulous new hairstyle from Discord Designs came across my screen last night (thank you, Kalli!!) and I couldn’t wait to show you. Bantu starts with one common hairbase and adds on bantu knots that are so pretty! 93 kata lagi


The Link

Postcolonial Implications on my creativity

From a young age I understood that I can never do art. Art is for the caucasian ( mainly those of South African descend as Namibia was almost annexed as the sixth South African province). 353 kata lagi

Bennardo Santos

TPS 115(1) – Abstract 3

Reduction in Remoteness Distinctions and Reconfiguration in the Bemba Past Tense

by Nancy Kula (University of Essex)

Bantu languages are well-known for having multiple remoteness distinctions in both the past and the future. 116 kata lagi