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Drums of Diversity

Drums of Diversity
Epiphany 21

Walk outside in the middle of a pasture far from any city or town in the middle of the night and it appears as though the stars, planets, and various moons are silent. 661 more words

Bantu Poem*

Waking up to snow on the foothills.
Face buried in goose down.

*Bantu: “A two-line poem with no restrictions on rhyme or syllables. Each line contains a single, complete idea; the second line is a contrasting but description or explanation—often a metaphor—of the image or idea in the first line.” 116 more words


n. 1. Chiefly Southern US Okra. 2. A soup or stew thickened with okra pods. Also called okra. 3. Chiefly Mississippi Valley and Western US  126 more words