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From Flickr: "City National Bank - Palm Springs, California" by The J. Smith Archive

the MODERN CITY in the Desert
Colorful view at dusk of one several ultra-modern new Banks, typical of the spectacular modern design of countless new buildings and homes spring up in "America’s Foremost Desert Resort." 23 more words

From Flickr: "Citizens State Bank - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma" by The J. Smith Archive

N.W. 23rd and Classen Blvd.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
This beautiful Geodesic Dome bank building opened in December of 1958. The cost of this building is in excess of one million dollars. 16 more words

From Flickr: "State Capitol Bank - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma" by The J. Smith Archive

This beautiful and unusual modernistic designed bank, located at 3900 No. Lincoln Boulevard, is called the "Bank of the Future." It is equipped with a floating air lobby from the main floor, and a cashier to customer TV drive-in banking window. 26 more words

Start the summer off right with this vintage-style Godzilla bank

Diamond Select Toys have been all about their line of full-sized vinyl kaiju figures lately, and the most recent addition to that line-up comes in the form of a monster who will help you save up for that next tropical getaway! 88 more words