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Hello your excellencies! It’s another great day. Two weeks ago I dropped a post, Pick A Scene with a title The Umbrella fight. While some readers picked the first scene, others felt comfortable to resort to the last scene. 985 more words

Johto Starters available on Pokemon Bank

You can score some fully evolved starters from the Johto region (my favorite region) if you are a user of the Pokemon bank. The Pokes can be transferred to either your X, Y, or ORAS games, and are going to be available until November 30th. 19 more words


America's trading desks are imploding

What is the Royal Bank of Scotland going to do with all that space on the gargantuan trading floor that once served as the centerpiece of its American headquarters? 295 more words

Savings #101

Not to be confused with budgeting.

So we’re two posts in on our money page, and it’s the first of our many tips and lessons that will help you understand saving – and how to make it work for you. 341 more words


J.P.Morgan Shows Why It Pays To Turn Money Away

Traditional bank runs were driven by massive withdrawals of deposits by customers. On Tuesday, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM) announced plans for an inverted bank run — it will push certain customers to withdraw what one executive has described as bad deposits. 501 more words


Silly Poem #161

My wife fell in the river and drowned,

Oh my poor, poor honey!

I rushed straight to the bank but she,

Had already withdrawn the money! 7 more words