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A concert at Speakertree Records

Last Thursday I attended a small concert with several friends, one of them a photographer. I saw the evening through words, she through her camera. Together, this is how we heard the music. 206 kata lagi


Messa: Metal, Jazz, and the Prismatic Nature of Music

Proto-metal is (or should that be “was”) often defined by its blues and acid-rock origins, but right from metal’s murky beginnings, the influence of jazz was there. 1.014 kata lagi


Blossoms festival layout

In my second year of university, our group had to make a magazine with at least 24 pages and since our deadline came just before summer, we made a festival magazine and for the up and coming artist section, I wrote about Stockport band Blossoms. 28 kata lagi


Independent Musician Interview

Please tell us about yourself

Ashwin Gopakumar stormed into limelight as the melodious vocalist of Indie band ‘When Chai Met Toast’. However, for many he is a metalhead, courtesy his college band ‘Purple Blood’. 1.017 kata lagi

Excludes Science/Medical

April 23, 2018 Update

Hello everyone! Tonight I have to interview my grandparents for the Bio Project in Social Studies. I don’t know why we have to have Social Studies. 80 kata lagi


Girl Gaze

Go behind the scenes with the members of Girl Gaze as they talk about finding their “dream-pop” sound, their collaborative creative process and group dynamic. The all-female band has been hard at work in the studio preparing their new album, “Think of Somewhere” for its anticipated summer 2018 release.