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Bambú, Iznate, wildlife and Malaga airport 


Astounding. I was at the Bambú Vivienda a week and a day and it passed soooo quickly. One day out with serious jet lag and action nonetheless. 587 kata lagi


River, Water and a Walk to Benamargosa

Organising the day for a decent walk was not going to be too difficult after all. Weather helped and the shops in Benamocarra were open when I arrived at 9 so I bought bread and other food for the walk and my remaining 2 days at Bambú. 459 kata lagi


Palm Sunday in Benamocarra 

Palm Sunday I expected Benamocarra. the local town, would be shut. Absolutely nothing open, except some restaurants at lunchtime. No. My preferred bar is open, I bought fresh bread (baguette style), still warm and a can of sardines. 605 kata lagi


Bambu Birthday

Miraval Rose. Thai salad, tofu satay. Pad see eew with tofu, no egg (hers). Lad na tofu, no egg (his). Five star.


River walking to Torre del Mar

Who knew!! Black sand on this part of the Mediterranean coast.

The end point of my walk yesterday was Torre del Mar a bit over 13km away. 609 kata lagi


Australia to Madrid to Malaga hinterland

Leaving Melbourne Australia

To the couple in the line who informed me in best of British: ‘the bark of de quu is ofa dere’ nah. An additional staff member meant a new line with me in front. 1.360 kata lagi


Manfaat Akar Serabut Bambu

Sangat banyak sekali kegunaan pohon bambu, dari akar sampai ujung dahan semuanya bermanfaat.
Yang akan kita bahas kali ini yaitu kegunaan dari akar bambu.
Bambu merupakan tumbuhan tanaman jenis rumput-rumputan yang mempunyai batang berongga dan beruas-ruas, serta berakar serabut. 297 kata lagi