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Wedding Crasher

I stood in the yard in front of the church while the crowd began to gather. For once in my life I felt tall—at 5ā€™2ā€ Iā€™m a short American, but next to the young Indonesian women who surrounded me, I could see the tops of their heads without straining. 701 kata lagi



At the harbor in Balige, a city in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province at the foot of Lake Toba, the world’s largest volcanic lake. These boats travel from Samosir island, carrying farmers who come to sell their fruit and vegetables at Balige’s market. 30 kata lagi


Life in Indonesia

Here is a image gallery of photos that show a little of what life was like in Indonesia. Most are from Balige and Siantar, the two cities in the province of North Sumatra where I spent most of my time. 161 kata lagi