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Gunung Batur

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014
Nokia Lumia 1020
Lokasi : Penelokan, Kab. Bangli, Bali

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Bali - Đâu chỉ có những ngôi đền

Bài & ảnh: Ngô Ly Kha

Lạ lùng thay khi đặt chân đến một miền đất lạ, mà lại thấy thân thương quá đỗi như quê nhà! 1.428 more words

Ngo Ly Kha

Travel Planning...or not?

Here I am sitting at my desk with a pile of uni-stuff to do but my head is somewhere else. As usual, I am dreaming of being far away – my favourite way of procrastinating. 368 more words


Rise and shine for Mt. Batur

A few months back, I took a trip to Bali, Indonesia and among the thing in my bucket list for that trip was to hike Mt. 363 more words


Bali 05.04.15

Sunday the 5th of April

Happy Easter! The sacrificial period of lent saw me give up chocolate for the entirety of the Easter Holidays and there was no reason to ‘admit this was a struggle’ as the tropical paradise of Nusa Dua did little to tempt me. 1.084 more words


Animal I Have Become

Week 9: Animorphs

So finally we’ve reached our first shoot overseas, which I’m quite happy about. It’s taken quite a lot of time getting through this cycle, so I’m over the moon about making it over seas. 2.285 more words