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Breathtaking Bali

A swap from Beijing to Bali and it was a night time departure out of Dubai at 1:25am with 9 hours and 20 minutes over to Ngurah Rai International Airport. 607 kata lagi

Emirates Cabin Crew

Kue Sus & Bakwan Goreng

Kue Sus & Bakwan Goreng

Hai semuanya…..ada kue sus dan bakwan goreng…..mana yang jadi piihanmu hari ini?

Untuk informasi dan pemesanan, silahkan jangan ragu-ragu untuk menghubungi Exoly.


Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy

A day closer to weekend….don’t forget to eat healthy…


A Coffee Drinkers Guide To Bali

I suppose Aussies are partly to thank/blame for opening the gates of hell of tourism here in Bali. Surfers have been coming here and enjoying the killer waves and friendly animist/Hindu smiles since the 1970s, and lately, you can’t throw a coconut without hitting an Australian surf shop or fashion startup. 191 kata lagi


4 Days in Bali

Brian and I traveled to Bali last June with a couple of his friends for a short 4-day vacation. At first I didn’t know what to expect from it other than what I’d seen from the book-turned-movie Eat, Pray, Love. 549 kata lagi



You know the feeling of wearing a new pair of shoes for the first day of school?

That is exactly how I feel: Excited, confident, and ready for the rainy day. 484 kata lagi

My first blog post!

Hi! I’ve decided to start this blog because every man and their dog asks me for tips about Bali and so I thought it would just be much easier to write it all down in a blog for all my friends, family and hopefully others to see too! 90 kata lagi