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Jasa Sewa Motor di Bali

Sewa Motor di bali merupakan satu cara mudah bagi anda yang ingin jalan-jalan hemat di Bali. Dengan menggunakan sewa motor anda dapat berpetualang menjelajahi tempat dan objek wisata di Bali dengan mudah. 18 kata lagi

HECTOR'S DIARY Bali Advertiser, Aug. 5, 2015

His fortnightly diet of worms and other non-religious experiences

Poison Chalice

Three people died from methanol poisoning in Bali recently. They had all been drinking at a bar in Legian. 1.445 kata lagi


Game On

Learning to surf is downright torture. You get knocked down, splashed in the face and pulled from currents below. What person in their right mind would take up such an activity? 254 kata lagi


Bali (June 2014)

I knew we were in for a treat going from one of the most advanced cities in the world (Tokyo) to Indonesia, yet I still marveled upon arrival in this lesser developed country. 1.962 kata lagi

Expansion Reaction

Pushing beyond our potential and going for that feeling, an idea, a moment that may never arrive again. Saying hello to that person who catches your eye on the street. 270 kata lagi


Gunung Batur, Bali - In Search Of The Elusive Volcano Sunrise

The smartphone alarms started buzzing at one thirty in the morning.

Four bodies emerged from four separate rooms of a villa filled with excitement as they packed their knapsacks with sandwiches, water bottles and cameras with gusto. 1.168 kata lagi