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Canang  Sari

During the drive from Denpasar to Ubud, Bali, we noticed small, square containers containing colorful flowers and pieces of snacks on the ground in front of houses, shops, and temples—even on top of statues—in fact almost everywhere. 913 kata lagi


Bali, the Island of The Gods

If Kerala is the God’s own country, Bali is the Island of the Gods. I wondered why it was so called. I got the answer to the question the day I landed in Bali! 214 kata lagi


Cuca Restaurant Jimbaran, Presents an Elegant Culinary Atmosphere in Bali

Many popular restaurants are in Bali. Popular can be interpreted as many meanings, can be popular because the cuisine is delicious or the place is beautiful and comfortable, or it can be both. 280 kata lagi


The Lawn Canggu, A Delicious Culinary Hunting Place with a Comfortable Beachside Atmosphere

Finding good food and drinks in Canggu is a lot of choices. Especially if you have just visited Bali, precisely Canggu as a vacation and you are still unfamiliar with this place. 288 kata lagi


Koa D’Surfer Hotel, Unique Hotel for Surfers in Canggu, Bali

One of the attractive hotels on Dewata Island is the Bali Koa D’Surfer Hotel. This hotel indeed represents the island of Bali as an island that is the visit of world surfers. 231 kata lagi

Tanpa Kategori

Blanco Renaissance Museum, Bali, Indonesia.

Si estás buscando visitar galerías de arte poco convencionales, el Blanco Renaissance Museum es tumejor opción.

En la propiedad de cinco acres se puede encontrar la casa de la familia, un templo, un restaurante, y una tienda de regalos, donde se pueden comprar impresiones de la obra de Blanco. 65 kata lagi