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Its official name is Eka Karya. Like most botanical gardens, it is nice, quiet and spacious. Plant lovers aside, the fact is that I did not find it one of the best I’ve seen (although I admit that the rain did not help) and I see no need to specifically go, unless visitors come to… 292 kata lagi

Things To Do And See


Bali was a haze of food and massages and waterfalls. I went on this holiday straight after spending three weeks in Samoa with my university. So my head was spinning a little between it all. 351 kata lagi


Bali's Double Standards

I’m from the Philippines. So I look practically the same as any Thai, Khmer, Vietnamese and apparently, Indonesian. Locals usually treat me as a fellow national – until they talk to me. 338 kata lagi


Travel Thursday: 8 Weeks To Go, Help!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know that shortly I am heading off on a very big trip. A trip that let’s be honest, I had no idea would take place this year, but somehow the stars aligned and it is really happening. 599 kata lagi


Island of Peace

Well, Hello everyone I am here again. This time my blog is dipped in fun, I hope that you all will enjoy my journey to Bali in my own words. 531 kata lagi


Finding Bliss in Bali

This blog post is ridiculously late, but I started my master’s program the week after our trip and I’ve been crazy busy with reading, preparing presentations, and translating Old English. 1.391 kata lagi

Irrational Fears

Someone told me that one way to help alleviate our fears is by talking about it, so let’s make this a topic for today’s entry. 619 kata lagi