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Bali. Day 4: Food and Humility

There are two sides I’ve seen to Bali. The opulent, rich and touristy side- perfect encapsulated in Seminyak, sleek bars, expensive restaurants, massage parlours and a lot of Australian tourists and young Europeans. 275 kata lagi


Living Cost in Bali, Indonesia

Many of you have asked me about the cost of living in Bali since I stayed there for a year. Well, to live in Bali you need at least a 7 figure amount for a person per month. 482 kata lagi


Beginners' guide to Bali

Bali is always a good idea. It’s the perfect blend of luxurious relaxation, adventure with beach, bush and mountains, all of which makes it an ideal destination for reunions with friends and family!! 1.578 kata lagi


Perang Api "Terteran Tradition"

We can find a unique tradition in the district of Karangasem, one of which thrive in the Jasri village called Terteran or a flame war. The ceremonial procession yadnya, held two years (at the time of even-numbered years) coincides in pengrupukan day (the day before Nyepi). 508 kata lagi


Where to stay in Uluwatu?

Rock-N-Reef Uluwatu

After an exciting ride through Bali’s most busy parts. The driver Wayan droped us in front of a massive wooden sliding portal, my friend straight away took the handle and slided the door open. 276 kata lagi



Indonesia terkenal dengan berbagai macam jenis adat dan budayanya. Indonesia juga sering dijadikan sebagai tempat untuk berlibur. Salah satu tempat yang paling sering dijadikan sebagai tempat tujuan untuk berlibur adalah Bali. 289 kata lagi


Blissing out in Ubud

There is not much to say about our time here! The┬álovely busy town of Ubud is the ‘spiritual centre’ of Bali, and we have used it as our base to recover, rest and relax! 243 kata lagi