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Our Bali Adventure - Day 6

We again woke to more rain, we had a leisurely breakfast and then grabbed a coffee from across the street, while we waited for today’s driver who would take us to Bali Zoo. 192 kata lagi


Bali Safari and Marine Park

Great Combination Between An Open Air Zoo and Amusement Park

Are you an animal lover or want to have fun in amusment park with green atmosphere? 178 kata lagi


Saba - a Unique and Quiet Place in Bali

Bali is such a unique tourist destination that always have something new to offer. As a Balinese myself, I am continuously amazed with the new attractions in Bali. 688 kata lagi


Bali Zoo: Bukan Sekedar Main ke Bonbin tapi juga Wisata Edukasi dan Konservasi

“Look mom, it’s a biiig cat!” Seru anak saya saat melihat harimau di televisi.

“No, son. That’s a tiger. They are still brothers with cat, though,” 1.238 kata lagi

Bali Zoo

Tumpek Kandang Day, the blessed wild!

Tumpek Kandang Day is one of my favorite day in Bali island, when you have a job at a zoo the massive amount of cuteness burst contains in Tumpek Kandang Day is inevitable. 162 kata lagi

Orangutans Galore

I got so lucky working at a wonderful zoo and having behind the scene encounter with these iconic apes on daily basis. Some of these king of the jungle are clingy like a super glue that will get you effortlessly emotionally attached. 109 kata lagi


*via Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop*

This isn’t the highest place I’ve been on and yet the most unforgettable thus far.

[Bali Zoo, 2016] 162 kata lagi

Korean Filipino Couple