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This is the inaugural post for the Louisville Consulting Group. It is our intent to gather great content from across our consulting core competencies of: 79 kata lagi

Balanced Scorecard Master Professional

A New Day Yesterday – Part Eleven

A month or so into retirement are there things I miss? Here is my starter for nine.

What I am not missing


Sistem Terpadu Pengelolaan Kinerja Personel Berbasis Balanced Scorecard

Sistem Terpadu Pengelolaan Kinerja Personel Berbasis Balanced Scorecard

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SWOT Balanced Scorecard

SWOT Balanced Scorecard

Teknik Menyusun Strategi Korporat yang Efektif plus Cara

Mengelola Kinerja dan Resiko

Berat : 0.36 kg | Tahun : 2015
Halaman : 292 | ISBN : 9786020307121… 173 kata lagi


Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a management tool that facilitates the implementation of the company’s strategy in a efficient way. 134 kata lagi

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What's the pulse of my enterprise transformation? - More on transformation scorecards

I think this is the last post in my series on using metrics to gauge the success of an enterprise transformation.  As an enterprise transformation consultant, one of the key challenges I face is ensuring that steps I recommend throughout the transformation will help the organization achieve their goal, or the business drivers that inspired the transformation. 781 kata lagi


Key Success Factors For Scorecard Implementation

Business in the modern economy are facing questions such as how to maintain cost effective operations, how to protect market share, how to measure and track whether  the actions taken help them reach to the strategy or not and how to align vision and mission to departments and individuals so that everyone feels a part of the strategy.

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