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Balanced Scorecards in Healthcare

I was in Tokyo recently to speak at an international meeting to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Japan Association for Healthcare Balanced Scorecard Studies. Yes, the Japanese are very serious about performance tracking and use of management tools to uplift and improve. 723 kata lagi


Stellar Performance Group

Case Summary & Student Assignment

You are a new employee with Stellar Performance Group, a company that helps its clients create balanced scorecards.  You are asked by your boss to draft a balanced scorecard for two current clients. 887 kata lagi

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Slaughtering the 'Sacred Cow'

I’ve written enough posts now to ‘write a book’ :) …so it’s about time I dealt with a seemingly sacred cow – the ‘Balanced Scorecard’. 2.448 kata lagi

Brain Farts

Mapping Strategy and Operational Alignment

At Praxis Solutions we strongly believe in the value of a strategy map. The chief reason is that it is – visual. Most of us are visual earners. 387 kata lagi

Praxis Solutions

Mapping Strategy and Capturing Hearts

I have seen it happen often enough that I should not be surprised but I always am. Do a lean kaizen event or a strategy mapping workshop and front line staff become intensely engaged in the process and the outcome. 292 kata lagi


Strategy: Internal Analysis

Evaluating a company’s internal environment begins with assessing your company’s performance on achieving its financial and strategic objectives. In this 3rd post of our 4-part strategy series, we’ll dig into understanding your company’s competitive micro-environment by addressing 5 key questions. 911 kata lagi


5 Questions - Impact of Climate Change on Winter Tourism

The winter sports industry/community is deeply dependent upon predictable, heavy snowfall, but climate change is expected to contribute to warmer winters, reduced snowfall, and shorter snow seasons. 137 kata lagi