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Using Strategy Maps for PMO Transformation

This article discusses the use of strategy maps and the balanced scorecard framework as a method to guide the strategy development and its execution in the context of a PMO improving the project management capability across an organization.  1.481 kata lagi

Change Management

Enterprise Information Management Systems Diagrams

Wrapping up BUS4200 Enterprise Information Management Systems today. Below are some visuals that have assisted me in understanding the functions of the EIMS solutions.

As I continue my journey to get my MBA, the MBA page in this PLE will capture key learning elements from the current course I am taking. 76 kata lagi


Supply Chain Metrics That Matter

I’ll start with an admission – although I’ve spent the majority of my career as a supply chain professional, I’ve never been formally trained in the field. 1.380 kata lagi

Supply Chain

Social Styles Model - Menschen und Kultur.


Zu diesem Thema gab es bereits einige Anfragen, daher an dieser Stelle. Wir bieten gern Schulungen in diesem Kontext an. Dort wird das Thema Zusammenarbeit im Unternehmen, Verein, im SocialMedia-Channel vertieft. 870 kata lagi


The balanced scorecard

He explains the background how the BSC developed. In the past, company rely on information about tangible asset and financial asset. After 19 centuries, the world transform and demand company to know about their intangible.

Balanced scorecard as a communication tools

He shows a tool for communicating strategy with costumer, a strategy on a pen

Life is a Marathon – Not a sprint – Plan for the Mile-Markers

I have been on the path of  improving my fitness and nutrition for 14 years. At first, I just wanted to drop the weight.  Over time, my goals have evolved and now I want to become an athlete when I grow up. 268 kata lagi