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The Missing Link in Balanced Scorecard Implementations

Maria Moraes Robinson

After almost twenty-five years since its creation, and thousands of implementations, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) methodology designed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton in the early 1990s still generates many heated discussions. 1.034 kata lagi

Systems Thinking

Leadership in a Liquid Modern World

We are now in the the second of our six month leadership development programme. This month we covered the theme of leadership. Our guest speaker, Professor Monika Kostera… 587 kata lagi


Drei Fragen an Marina Weisband (3/3): worauf die Miniaturisierung hinausläuft

3. Frage:

du hattest ja eben über die Bedeutung von Tablets und Smartphones gesprochen und den neuen Zugang, den diese Medien zur Welt der Software und Technologie erschaffen. 489 kata lagi

One World

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Hier der letzte Beitrag aus unserer "Interview"-Reihe mit @afelia, Marina Weisband.  

Annual Goal Setting - Step by Step

Top performance athletes and top performance companies have something in common. Both are aware of power of goal setting and importance of figuring out their annual goal respectively. 929 kata lagi


Balanced Scorecards in Healthcare

I was in Tokyo recently to speak at an international meeting to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Japan Association for Healthcare Balanced Scorecard Studies. Yes, the Japanese are very serious about performance tracking and use of management tools to uplift and improve. 723 kata lagi


Stellar Performance Group

Case Summary & Student Assignment

You are a new employee with Stellar Performance Group, a company that helps its clients create balanced scorecards.  You are asked by your boss to draft a balanced scorecard for two current clients. 887 kata lagi

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