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Strategy: Internal Analysis

Evaluating a company’s internal environment begins with assessing your company’s performance on achieving its financial and strategic objectives. In this 3rd post of our 4-part strategy series, we’ll dig into understanding your company’s competitive micro-environment by addressing 5 key questions. 911 kata lagi


5 Questions - Impact of Climate Change on Winter Tourism

The winter sports industry/community is deeply dependent upon predictable, heavy snowfall, but climate change is expected to contribute to warmer winters, reduced snowfall, and shorter snow seasons. 137 kata lagi


Dashboard for Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB)

To create a comprehensive and actionable dashboard, we start by analyzing CPIB as an entity, their mission, vision and different functions. These help us categorize and prioritize different types of relevant information, in line with CPIB’s focus and goals. 344 kata lagi


With Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Norton at the Balanced Scorecard forum - Dubai 2011

Together these two amazing professors Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton have developed the Balanced Scorecard framework which has delivered impactful performance at many blue chip companies and others. 65 kata lagi

Rajeev Mathew Thomas

With Dr. Kaplan @ Katara Doha 2015

Its always highly inspirational when we get to meet management gurus like Dr. Robert Kaplan the co founder of the Balanced Scorecard framework. During this meeting I was given the conceptual nod for my book adapting the balanced scorecard framework to overcome various challenges faced by individuals in their daily lives – especially in their family lives. 10 kata lagi

Rajeev Mathew Thomas

Using Strategy Maps for PMO Transformation

This article discusses the use of strategy maps and the balanced scorecard framework as a method to guide the strategy development and its execution in the context of a PMO improving the project management capability across an organization.  1.481 kata lagi

Change Management

Enterprise Information Management Systems Diagrams

Wrapping up BUS4200 Enterprise Information Management Systems today. Below are some visuals that have assisted me in understanding the functions of the EIMS solutions.

As I continue my journey to get my MBA, the MBA page in this PLE will capture key learning elements from the current course I am taking. 76 kata lagi