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Live Bait

Live bait is a great way to catch fish. There are certain fish that are only caught using live bait. There are obviously several different types of live bait but there are a few popular ones. 116 kata lagi


First BULL Redfish!!!!

So, this past Monday, something awesome happened and it’s something that I’ve been wanting to happen for a while now. Lately, people who have been fishing in my hometown have been catching monster redfish and I couldn’t even catch a rat red (small redfish for those who don’t know). 242 kata lagi


Fishers of Men?

The Bible says, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). I’m not a fisherman, but I know bait is necessary. 269 kata lagi

Jupe Sakit, Jupe Wafat

Jupe Sakit

cahaya matahari
kabar datang dari burung
sedih: apa
yang kita tahu adalah
apa yang tak kita mengerti

warna muram di kertas halaman… 326 kata lagi


AIO Fan art submissions by Emma!

Hey, nerds! We have an actual bunch of submissions this time by (famed) AIO fan artist Emma! Seriously, I am going to go ahead and say that if you haven’t seen her work in some form at some point in time then there is something wrong with you, you’re not a true Meltsner fan. 30 kata lagi

Adventures In Odyssey

I refuse to take the bait except for with my iPhone 6s

I rather enjoy what I spot on the 15-minute break walks from my workplace at the library.

Indeed, you can get live bait 24 hours a day in the Village of Liverpool. 63 kata lagi


Bear Baits - Consistency is Important

Consistent Baiting and Timing is Important
We begin baiting two to three weeks prior to the hunters arrival as baiting is lucrative and can vary based on native food source availability, weather pattern and population.   614 kata lagi

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