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Stephenson Smyth University

A university established by a particular set of adherents to the pre-Scouting activities of Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell. The focus of this institution is very much rooted in the 19th Century/early 20th British military history and in particular the history of the second Boer War and Baden-Powell’s involvement in it. 115 kata lagi


Song No. 111 — Berimbau | Vinícius de Moraes & Baden Powell (1963)

The Berimbau was introduced in 1963 by Moraes himself as the opening track on his collaboration album Vinícius & Odette Lara, with Powell on guitar, arranged and conducted by Moacir Santos. 4.043 kata lagi

Vinícius De Moraes

Baden-Powell says:

“The most worth-while
thing is to try to put
happiness into the
lives of others.”

Berceuse A Jussara

Here’s a basic version of a very pretty tune by Baden Powell.  Of course sheet music can’t convey the tenderness and skill with which he plays it on guitar, but it’s been stuck in my head this week so I thought I’d share it with you.

Berceuse A Jussara lead sheet

Day 11...National Commissioner, Charles Dahlquist, stopped by!

Today it wasn’t too hot, had a nice breeze and there was no rain (very little so far).

Today the National Commissioner, Charles Dahlquist, stopped by to give a talk to Hometown Media and answer some questions.   107 kata lagi


Day 37 - Mile 566.4, Tehachapi, CA

After another twelve more days of camping we are ready for a break! Passed the 500 mile marker this segment and have done an impressive (for me at least) +104901/-105810 ft of elevation gain/loss since we started. 890 kata lagi

Pacific Crest Trail

[29] Be Prepared

Be Prepared – A Blog about a Visit to Brownsea Island.

The Island

Brownsea Island is a small island about a mile long but its isolated location in… 1.017 kata lagi

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