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Trex Trek to Baden-Powell Lake

Earlier this summer, eight girls and six leaders from 1st Quinte Trex  in Trenton, Ontario headed into Algonquin Park for our annual wilderness canoe trip. In addition to the fun, good food and adventure, the girls planned a very special pilgrimage during the trip – a visit to Baden-Powell Lake. 195 kata lagi

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Frontiersmen and the Boy Scouts (Topic Aug/Sept 2015)

Crediting the right man.

It is inevitable that over the years an organisation of adventurers such as the Legion of Frontiersmen should attract many myths and legends. 2.336 kata lagi

Legion Of Frontiersmen

On grammar and radicalisation

Some snotty-nosed brat in Sydney imagined he could stir up his teachers by writing ISIS R COMING ISIS on his school wall. How important he must feel, now that his infantile prank has hit national headlines. 353 kata lagi


On Books on Shelves in Pubs

Many years ago I was in a pub with some flatmates when one of their friends pulled a book from the nearby shelf and started to read aloud from it. 203 kata lagi


Refém da Solidão

Lyrics from “Refém da Solidão” by Baden Powell & Paulo César Pinheiro (1970)

Quem da solidão fez seu bem // Anyone who’s chosen solitude for their darling… 420 kata lagi

Lyrics In English

Oakley announces success with corporate restructuring

After enjoying two of its best years since the world-renowned performance eyewear company was acquired by Italian megabehemotholithic ubercorporation Luxotica, Oakley trumpeted its strong sales and growing market share with a dramatic corporate restructuring. 1.019 kata lagi

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