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Baden-Powell: Night-Hike, 1

Backcountry hiking plays into the satisfaction I gain from completing things on schedule. I plan the meals, I plan the mileage, I plan the timing, and I love it when we hike into a campsite about when I thought we would. 1.246 kata lagi

Backcountry Babies

Links to Brazilian Music Song Books

Link to a good selection of Brazilian Song Books on Google Drive. Artists including Antonio Carlos Jobim, Cetano Veloso, Baden Powell, Vinicius De Moraes as well as some mixed artists songbooks. 17 kata lagi

The MR. and MRS. Question

There is a nice article in Bryan on Scouting today with comments and discussion on the blog about Scouts being on a first name basis with their adult leaders. 787 kata lagi


Song No. 68 — Só Por Amor | Baden Powell & Vinícius de Moraes (1963)

Só Por Amor was introduced in 1963 by Odette Lara on the album Vinícius & Odette Lara, arranged and conducted by Moacir Santos. The album was the result of Lara and Moraes being featured guests in the stage show “Skindô” earlier that year. 1.023 kata lagi

Vinícius De Moraes

"An Account Of The Manner In Which Young Boys Are Made Into Soldiers": Na Fianna Éireann and the Making of Irish Masculinity

In 1911, the Irish Republican Brotherhood’s Irish Freedom newspaper featured an article on the training practices for young recruits used in the Japanese army. The methods used by the Japanese military, … 1.402 kata lagi

HO15: logo Baden Powell

Voor herfstontmoeting heb ik een logo ontworpen dat hier en daar op de Hoge Rielen stond. We daagden de leiding uit om een selfie te nemen met dit BP-logo. 11 kata lagi