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Take a Long Walk . . . It's Good for the Soul

The first long weekend of a brand new summer is always full of so many possibilities.  Camping, biking, patio parties or beach bbq’s . . . 1.723 kata lagi

21st May 1900. 'Mafficking'.

The Second Boer War, the one we remember, began in October 1899 and followed the first so called War of Independence of 1880-1 when the Boer’s had repudiated Disraeli’s 1877 annexation of the Transvaal and under Kruger rebelled against British rule. 632 kata lagi


Day 24 - 5/16/2018

Mile 369.3 – 379.5

Peaked Mount Baden Powell

I woke up around 6 a.m. and couldn’t fall back asleep. I caught up on 4 days of blogging and relaxed. 693 kata lagi


Scouting Memorabilia Collections of the Scouting Trails Museum

By Kevin V. Hunt (KevintheScout blogger)

Recently a blog was published Introducing the Scouting Trails Museum    of Scouting Memorabilia.    The article told what the Museum is about but didn’t get specific about what you might see there.  1.756 kata lagi

History And Heritage

Olave and Agnes Baden-Powell

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting this blog for a while now but it has kept getting put off. But as today marks Thinking Day (A day in GirlGuiding where we celebrate Guiding across the globe) and I have been a Brownie Leader for the past 10 years what better place than to start with a woman involved in the creation of an organisation which has been inspiring me since the age of 5. 476 kata lagi


Boy Scouts: BSA and Baden Powell

Boy Scouts: BSA and Robert Baden-Powell

(At least in America.)

(The Scout pledge is to stay morally straight.) It is such a great program for boys.

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Judeo-Christian Culture

The international 'Boy' Scout movement's wartime origin in South Africa

Ever wondered why South Africa has two separate ‘Boy/Girl Scout’ youth movements, one based on the International Scout movement started by Robert Baden-Powell called the ‘Scouts’ and one called ‘Voortrekkers’ primarily aimed at Afrikaner youth only? 2.043 kata lagi

The First And Second Anglo Boer Wars