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Cruising Komodo

Komodo National Park is one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a Biosphere Reserve due to its rich marine and terrestrial biodiversity. It is located in the center of the Indonesian archipelago and includes three mayor islands: Komodo, Rinja and Padar, as well as numerous smaller islands. 653 kata lagi

Southeast Asia

Bangkok: Advice, Tricks and Tips For the City

Most people have heard stories about Bangkok, or have a general idea of what they think the city is like, what the customs are, and what the locals are all about. 1.456 kata lagi


Dolphin feeding in Tin Can Bay

Tin Can Bay is located on the Fraser Coast, about 30 minute drive from Rainbow Beach and 1 hour 15 minutes to Hevery Bay.

Tin Can Bay isn’t on the backpacker radar but it’s a great location for couples and families, probably best known as a dolphin feeding spot. 368 kata lagi


Wakaf Produktif di Bungah

Bungah, Desember 2010

Saya sampai di Bungah. Salah satu Kecamatan yang ada di Kabupaten Gresik. Hari ini saya akan bertemu dengan Pak Misbah, pengurus salah satu RSI yang ada di Bungah. 1.250 kata lagi


Hellfire Pass

Today would be me last big adventure before heading back to Bangkok and then home.  It was hot.  The sky was clear and thankfully, the guard dogs were nowhere to be seen. 1.525 kata lagi


How to flirt in German

Who doesn’t like flirting? And if you are partying in a German club or see someone you find attractive on the street, it will seem really charming if you approach him/her in German. 254 kata lagi


Travel Vlog Malaysia

Olaaaa … I’d like to share my very first travel vlog on my Youtue Channel. Please visit it :))

Hopefully, you enjoy my video :)