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Things to see and things to do

So I have a theory that “the travel gene” comes when we are born or in the early stages of childhood. Depending on how you were raised and your material aspects in life it shows how you are today as a person – Some likes to travel in style, some to meet people, some to meet the one true love, some to experience new things or some even to run away from personal problems. 308 more words


"You Travel Solo? But...Really?"

I’ve just left Australia after a short stint working there to earn some money to go back to Asia with. I didn’t want to go. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to tell you I was dreading it. 1.446 more words


Hostels Down Under: Don't Be Surprised If...

Starting your backpacking adventure? One word: Hostels.

Coming from America, Hostels were a romanticized fairytale…I had friends traveling in Europe and staying at these… 364 more words


The Aran Islands

Located a short ferry ride from Galway, I had never heard of these small islands before visiting but my day trip here would end up being one of my highlights while in the Republic of Ireland. 247 more words



We were still slightly surprised at the fact that we were going to India when we arrived in Kolkata in the early hours of the morning. 1.583 more words

A hitchhiker's guide to saving money

Recreational travel can be a lot of things; exciting, enlightening, relaxing, thrilling. It could last for a week, a month, a year, or in the cases of many people that I’ve met, it could be a permanent fixture. 1.068 more words