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Enjoying life in Kampot

 Let’s go from the sad Killing fields to peaceful Kampot in the south of Cambodia

Sophie and I took a bus to Kampot from Siem reap. 399 kata lagi


Top 10 cheapest destinations to backpack in 2015!

When people wants to travel the first problem they meet is the budget. But who said you need to be rich to explore your planet ? 143 kata lagi

Festival Teluk Jailolo, Halmahera Barat

Festival Teluk Jailolo yang berlangsung tanggal 12-16 may 2015 merupakan acara tahunan yang sudah berlangsung ke 7 kalinya. Kegiatan ini merupakan salah satu cara masyarakat bersyukur dengan kehidupan mereka. 663 kata lagi


Welcome to World In Backpack

World In Backpack is THE trending blog for travel lovers and backpackers !

There are several articles about countries, cities, how to prepare your trip, how to prepare your backpack and lot more. 38 kata lagi

A Narrow Squeak to Great Ocean Road & Twelve Apostle

— Sunday Morning 8.00 AM, 25th October 2015, Tullamarine Airport Melbourne —

“Hello. This is Anita speaking, as instruction from your office yesterday that I must make a phone call immediately after I am arrived in Melbourne airport.” 2.308 kata lagi


Backpacker Assholes

This past week my journal pages were filled with observations about life in an Asian hostel. I had settled in Osaka and the sightseeing honeymoon phase in Japan was over. 923 kata lagi

Quito and the Andes

It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to Colombia and move onwards to Ecuador. In fact, as I travelled south from Cali towards the border, I got sick with a fever for the first time since my journey began over 9 months ago, possibly my body telling me it doesn’t want to leave Colombia yet. 934 kata lagi

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