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Kabankalan- Our Journey

In Siquijor we stayed in a dorm where we met Ally who was from Canada. Previously in the day Ally had met a Filipino called Sarah who was with her whole family, who we later got introduced to at dinner. 985 kata lagi


I am going to start this post by saying that I did NOT give Ireland enough time! We were really only there for 4 days with a home base of Dublin, and I have full intention of going back to Ireland and giving its’ beauty the time it deserves! 657 kata lagi


Why You Should Do Your Australian Farmwork in Tully

After five months, I have finally completed my rural work in Tully, Australia and will now be eligible for a second year working holiday visa. … 514 kata lagi


( cue piano music) It's the Scranton PA "Office" tour

One of the most iconic american television shows of the 2000’s was “The Office”. The office was a workplace comedy based on the hit British¬†comedy of the same name.¬† 489 kata lagi

GILI AIR day 81

After a last breakfast of banana pancakes at Sama Lama, we squeezed ourselves and our bags into a horse and cart and headed for the jetty. 374 kata lagi


Corn Islands

Before the corn islands I spent a night in Masaya at a sweet place that Williameo had organised. There really is nothing to do here, I wouldn’t recommend visiting this town. 2.255 kata lagi


Hampi: The Land Before Time

Boarding the bus to Hampi, Noa, Lo and I are joined by about 100 Israelis, all making their way to Hampi. We can tell what sort of time we are in for already as some of the guys bunking below us invite us to smoke a joint out of the bus window with them. 448 kata lagi