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10 reasons you need a handy bandana

Its cost are nearly nothing, weighs as much, and is probably the least sexiest piece of gear in your back, but mark my words, the simple bandana is timeless and forever useful. 509 kata lagi


Fresh Chickens...Too Fresh!

Today we stopped by a chicken place for lunch. It served greens, chicken, and Ugali. We heard some clucking behind the fence. Dad said, “Well, at least it’s fresh,”. 86 kata lagi


10 Incredible Facts You Never Knew About Glacier Perito Moreno!


Los Glaciares National Park (Parque Nacional Los Glaciares) is home to one of Patagonia’s greatest marvels: Glacier Perito Moreno. Located in El Calafate, Argentina, the glacier is considered by many to be the 8th natural wonder of the world. 589 kata lagi


Sehari Semalam, Pulau Moyo - Sumbawa

Bonus dari perjalanan saya bersama 3 rekan mendaki Gunung Rinjani selain bisa mampir ke Pulau Kenawa adalah menyambangi Pulau Moyo. Sehari semalam lamanya, terkesan waktu yang singkat di penghujung liburan yang… 1.516 kata lagi


Growing Up (aka Hanging Up My Backpack)

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they either choose to, or are forced to, grow up. After 13 years of backpacking around the globe, at the age of 32, I have decided to hang up my backpack for good. 228 kata lagi


#TrainTravel - From Hong Kong to Vietnam - 1

Just completed the longest and most adventurous trip from Vietnam! As I have been told that we all need more fun people in our lives I therefore met a random traveller online and headed to Vietnam from Hong Kong – by train! 467 kata lagi