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Patara. The shoes destined for your feet!

I love my New Labels Only blog. I get to find out about the latest brand from around the world and get to see the newest products which are yet to be released to the public. 578 kata lagi

What to actually pack to travel Asia

Before I came away I wrote a post on what I was packing, safe to say I brought some unnecessary stuff that has just taken up much room so here’s what you should really pack. 381 kata lagi


Catatan Perjalanan Rinjani, 4-8 July 2016-Part #1


Setelah gagal mencapai puncak Rinjani tahun 2012, akhirnya saya berkesempatan lagi untuk menginjakkan kaki di gunung tertinggi kedua Indonesia ini.

Pertualangan dimulai dua hari sebelum Idul Fitri. 407 kata lagi


Australia Diaries: John Forrest National Park

On Sunday evening we began our road trip from the west to the east Australia. We began by going North to drop off a friend back in Perth. 256 kata lagi


Gili Trawangan - Still Paradise Island?

Hey hoo… Pada tau Gili Trawangan kann?? Pada tau kann?? Yep, destinasi yang jadi primadona di Lombok ini gak asing lagi di telinga para¬†travellers… 439 kata lagi


Day 29 & 30 - Old Memories

18/02/’17 – 19/02/’17

Its Saturday. I just spent the last week at home again. Today, however, I am heading for Botswana. But I’m planning on arriving there on Monday. 318 kata lagi


32. Drive-In Saturday

Our next destination was the intriguingly named Magnetic Island. It turned out that it was named so due to Captain Cook’s compass going faulty as he went past, which he attributed to the rocks on the island. 906 kata lagi