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Whitehaven Beach

Woke up at 5:30am. So early. You know why? We booked a cruising tour to Whitehaven beach. Arrived at Whitehaven Beach at 10pm or so. It was really amazing. 196 kata lagi


My Bucket-List for Europe! Suggestions welcomed!

T-46 DAYS!!!!!!!!! I realized that I’ve been (excitedly) stressing about how I am going to get from place to place and I actually haven’t thought about what I want to DO there. 685 kata lagi


Young Journey.

I am 21, or so I turned on the first week of my time abroad in Europe. I left home departing from the comfort of a structured college life and began my short travel to Rome, Italy. 60 kata lagi

Jalan-jalan Ke Hongkong (1st Part)


Its a great day to start a post here in WordPress! hehe..

Sekitar beberapa hari lalu saya dan keluarga baru tiba kembali di rumah setelah menghabiskan sekitar 5 hari di Hongkong. 505 kata lagi


Nomad Re-Entry - 9 Realities Nomads Appreciate When Stopping

I’ve done my fair share of traveling over the years. Now that I’m in New York, backpack stowed away, I can reflect on some of the culture shocks as I settle into the reality of western society again. 793 kata lagi


Why you should travel alone

“So do you like, not have any friends?”

For some reason, some people seem to think solo travel equals being lonely and friendless. At this stage, I pity them as their lives are defined and limited to experiences they can have as long as they have someone to do it with them.  1.140 kata lagi


The Fluted Cape Circuit, Bruny Island

Our first taste of Bruny Island was back in November 2014, when two rookie backpackers with limited time and a dwindling money supply attempted to cram the entire East Coast of Tasmania into one week. 618 kata lagi