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Goodbye U.K!

So the day has finally arrived. With my 60-litre backpack full to brim and needing a two-person team to take on the procedure I can’t help already thinking that this is already going to be quite the adventure. 527 kata lagi


How am I saving?

I am planing on saving for a 1 year before going on my travels..

My target to save  – Between £7000 – £8000

Time –   277 kata lagi


Cuba - booked!

I’ve been saying that I want to get to Cuba ASAP in case it begins to change. I guess with Trump we now don’t know how it’ll play out between the two nations. 115 kata lagi

Day 131 - Bleating Heart

I have dreams of finishing the trail, only half-remembered on waking. That’s probably to do with the windstorm howling outside, punctuated by some kind of precipitation – kinda gets your attention, particularly when you know you have to get out into it, make it about 20 miles to your resupply before the place closes. 2.087 kata lagi


Santiago de Cuba

I had high hopes for Santiago.  It is Cuba’s second largest city, is the birthplace of Bacardi rum, and it is famous for its cultural contributions to music and dance (Buena Vista Social Club, anyone?).   895 kata lagi


The Bare Necessities

In my recent posts I have mentioned my packing checklist and a few people have asked what’s on it.

Initially I thought it would be a diabolically dull post if I literally recounted every item, but then I realised that it may actually be helpful for anyone planning a similar trip. 344 kata lagi


Flooding, Snorkelling & Diving

We arrive in Cuenca, Ecuador and the first thing we do is sleep til the afternoon because we are utterly shattered. Border control at 2am when ur asleep isn’t fun. 1.614 kata lagi