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Sunrise Chasers

How wonderful it was to witness such sight? The magnificent architecture of Angkor Wat. The wonderful phenomena we call sunrise. People of all ages, races and walks of life gathered together to celebrate nature and man-made marvels. 6 kata lagi


Penyeberangan Moyo - Calabai

Sejujurnya, sering banget saya menyarankan untuk merencanakan perjalanan jauh-jauh hari sebelumnya. Tapi terkadang, karena keterbatasan waktu atau tiba-tiba ada urusan yang datang menjelang berangkat, jadilah pergi tanpa bekal informasi yang memadai. 584 kata lagi


Crossing the Boarder: Malaysia to Thailand

I thought I’d just briefly cover how easy it is to cross from Malaysia in to Thailand via public transport. Before Kerry and I decided to catch the train from Butterworth up to Pedang Besar we read a few blogs and travel guides but nothing really provided us with enough reliable, precise info on the matter so, here you go, my take on leaving Malaysia and entering Thailand on foot! 489 kata lagi


Koh Rong Samloem

I booked to take the late morning ferry out to Koh Rong Samloem. I headed to the pier in plenty of time but when I arrived I was told that the sea was too choppy and the boat wouldn’t be able to access this pier so instead we would need to take a bus to the main dock and catch it from there. 527 kata lagi


It can't be just me...right ?

As some of you may know by now, since I’ve been back home I’ve started to write about my past travels, thoughts and how I see things when traveling. 1.269 kata lagi


Wajib Mampir ke 5 Tempat Ini Ketika Berada di Ho Chi Minh City

Sempat menjadi ibukota Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City terkenal sebagai kota peninggalan bangsa Perancis saat perang Vietnam dulu. Ketika menghabiskan satu hari berjalan mengelilingi Ho Chi Minh, kamu akan menemukan berbagai bangunan kuno khas Eropa di berbagai sudut kota. 430 kata lagi

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