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May Firsts

I realise we’re already halfway through the month of June, but we’ve had a lot going on lately (cue loads of June firsts!) so this and any other blog posts have taken a bit of a backseat, sorry Trav! 1.137 kata lagi

Baby M's Firsts

Disneyland Paris!

So if you haven’t gathered by the title, we’re going to Disneyland, *eeekk*! My mum, LD and myself are going for a couple of days this month. 399 kata lagi


Trying Meat for the First Time

Even though William had been eating pureed solids for over a month, we hadn’t yet tried meat. Matt had bought him a baby food jar with meat with gravy in it, so for Sunday dinner we decided to give it a chance. 201 kata lagi

Baby Firsts

Grocery Store Trips in the Cart

Matt and I go grocery shopping every week on Sunday. Throughout the week sometimes Matt will go to the store to pick up a few items after getting William from daycare. 178 kata lagi

Baby Firsts

Pulled Himself Up For the First Time

Just a few days ago William actively crawled for the first time. This was in part due to Matt helping encourage him with moving a bear.  127 kata lagi

Baby Firsts

Look Who’s Crawling

Everyone around us, from friends to family to child care providers have been predicting for weeks now when William would crawl. He’s been getting close before, having figured out how to move his arms, and his legs, yet never exactly coordinated to do a true crawl before today. 239 kata lagi

Baby Firsts

Pulled Himself to Sitting Up For the First Time

Today William hit a great developmental milestone – his first time sitting up unassisted. It was great that Matt and I were both home at the time that he did, so we could both see this great first in his life. 142 kata lagi

Baby Firsts