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Disruption gets results, but you also need to be liked

This article is taken from an exclusive WIRED series, ’41 Lessons from Uber’s Success’, featuring Tim Harford, Rachel Botsman, Nir Eyal, Clayton M Christensen, Josh Elman, Carlo Ratti and Richard Branson. 16 kata lagi


Keyboardists - My Top 5

Top 5 Rock Keyboardists

American’s love top lists because in this country everything must be ranked. We must know who is best, who is number 1. 823 kata lagi


Thanks B3!

I first started chainmailling almost five years ago. I dragged my mother along to the DIY Trunk Show and Blue Buddha Boutique (B3) had a make-and-take booth set up. 238 kata lagi


What Happened?

I spend a good part of my day analyzing my food/supplement intake with my ups and downs in my ED battle.

Far from being a scientific study, it is nonetheless a study on my own body. 264 kata lagi

Vitamin of the week - Vitamin B3 - Niacin - Cholesterol, Heart and Nervous System.

BEing healthy depends, a lot, on our choices, so reading this post, by Sally Cronin can help you with some healthy choices!  Read on and learn how to BE healthier…  (did you see what I did there?) 13 kata lagi

To Your Health


Guavas contain 5X more vitamin-C than oranges.

As extremely good sources of vitamin-A, which is well known to boost vision, guava is very high in roughage and rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals, but it has no cholesterol and a low number of digestible carbohydrates.

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Mengenal Limbah Elektronik

(oleh : Ayu Nidyapuspa)

Dalam dua dekade ini, penggunaan alat elektronik (gadget) meningkat secara cepat. Pertumbuhan laju penggunaan alat elektronik yang semakin pesat ini menyebabkan suatu alat elektronik menjadi cepat usang, sehingga menimbulkan keinginan untuk selalu memperbarui alat elektronik yang dimiliki. 180 kata lagi

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