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Key Lime Chicken "Ayam Jeruk Nipis"

One of my fave style in cooking : deep frying and sauce mix. Try this super fresh, yummy, addicting chicken soon in your kitchen!

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Chicken Curry "Kare Ayam" (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

Serving this Indonesian Chicken Curry for my guest tomorrow. Still using basic yellow spices as I used for Indonesian Javanese Fried Chicken, yet here I add red Jalapeño for more colors. 336 kata lagi


Red Shredded Chicken "Ayam Suwir Merah" (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

Something fresh and spicy (yet not hot) from my kitchen last week, Red Shredded Chicken. Try this simple but yummy recipe soon.

(Teman-teman, ini auk share resep untuk membuah ayam suwir merah ya, nggak pedas rasanya, super yummy dan yang penting bisa puas makan di rumah. 242 kata lagi


Kalasan Chicken "Ayam Kalasan" (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

This dish is typical Indonesian dishes, spicy (but not hot) and rich. Special flavor comes out from the usage of coconut water and coconut milk at the same time, remains the dish very rich and yummy. 461 kata lagi


Javanese Fried Duck "Bebek Goreng" (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

Another sexy way to cook duck, the Javanese deep fried duck. Simply cook the duck in its marinade and spices and deep fried it. The meat of the duck is soft and tender, juicy and crispy outside. 482 kata lagi


Javanese Fried Chicken "Ayam Goreng Jawa" (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)


  • 1 kilo of chicken –> cut into 8 pieces (daging ayam –> potong menjadi 8 bagian)
  • 2 tablespoons of lime juice (
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Ayam Panggang (Indonesian Grilled Chicken)



1.5kg (3.5 lbs) chicken (breast or thigh)
2 cups water
6 tbsp kecap manis/sweet soy sauce
1 tbsp tamarind juice
1-2 lemongrass, white part only, bruised… 220 kata lagi

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