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Salt Chicken Roast "Ayam Panggang Garam"(Bilingual Eng-Indo)

Sometimes mommy gets lazy to prepare dinner. But no worries, this recipe is one of the saviors in moody lazy time. Simply oven roasted chicken, spiced with lemon juice and salt. 391 more words


Ayam Panggang "Bu Setu" Gandu

Anda pecinta kuliner dan berdomisili di kota Ngawi, Magetan, dan Madiun, atau sedang bepergian dan melewati kota-kota tersebut? maka akan harus mampir ke Rumah Makan Ayam Panggang “Bu Setu”. 277 more words

Ayam Panggang

Makan sehat & tasty di Kenny Rogers Roasters

Siapa sih yang nggak mau punya badan ideal dan tetap fit? Saya juga salah satu yang sangat ingin punya badan yang ideal (walaupun susah banget ya, hehe..). 441 more words

Wisata Kuliner

Ngo Hiong/ 5 Spices Roasted Chicken (Bilingual Eng-Indo)

Ngo Hiong/ 5 Spice powder is one of Chinese famous cooking spices you can find easily in Asian Mart. In this recipe I roast the chicken instead of frying it and I didn’t make any sauce for dipping, just it it straight with steamed rice. 314 more words


Sweet Soy Sauce Roasted Chicken ("Ayam Panggang Kecap") (Bilingual Eng-Indo)

Sweet soy sauce is one of Indonesian darling sauce for almost every grill and dipping dishes. It’s simply can found in Asian Mart with cheap price. 346 more words


Buffalo Wings (Roasted) (Bilingual-Eng-Indo)

This easy prepare and cook dish is suitable for special snacks, appetizer, or dish at home at anytime. You can make it effortlessly and happy with the result. 289 more words

Cumi Bali Indonesian Restaurant @ Tanjong Pagar Road

Cumi Bali was considered as one of the best Indonesian Restaurant, and with 2 decades of existence in Singapore and listed in travel guide such as Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor, it sure has to be really good. 161 more words