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Tahukah kau?

Bahwa apa yang aku rasakan ini disebut rindu?

Aku rindu saat ia berjalan bersamaku

Aku rindu saat ia bercerita denganku

Aku rindu saat ia tertawa bersamaku… 80 kata lagi


Enter Perfectly Into Islam

O you who believe!  Enter perfectly into Islaam (by obeying all the rules and regulations of the religion of Islaam) and follow not the footsteps of Shaitaan (Satan).  24 kata lagi

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Beautified Is The Life Of This World

Beautified is the life of this world for those who disbelieve, and they mock at those who believe.  But those who obey Allaah’s Orders and keep away from what He has forbidden, will be above them on the Day of Resurrection.  37 kata lagi

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Ayah Notskul

Akhir-akhir ini saya dipusingkan dengan Afif, si sulung. Dia mulai cerewet, bertanya tanpa ujung. Menanyakan hal-hal remeh terus menerus, bersambung dan tak jalan berulang-ulang. Belum lagi tingkahnya yang mengernyitkan dahi. 103 kata lagi


Spend Charity On Parents, Orphans, The Poor, And Wayfarer

They ask you (O Muhammad ) what they should spend.  Say: “Whatever you spend of good must be for parents and kindred and orphans and Al-Masaakeen (the poor) and the wayfarer, and whatever you do of good deeds, truly, Allaah knows it well.” 17 kata lagi

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Marry A Believing Woman

And do not marry Al-Mushrikaat (idolatresses) till they believe (worship Allaah Alone).  And indeed a slave woman who believes is better than a (free) Mushrikah (idolatress), even though she pleases you. 16 kata lagi

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Aku Rindu

Abi, aku rindu

Aku rindu obrolan kita di pagi hari

Aku rindu lagu yang kau setel di pagi hari

Aku rindu kau yang menyesap kopi hitam… 162 kata lagi