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Roderick Pijls - Discovering New Places

Ο Roderick Pijls σε ένα όμορφο βίντεο με χώσιμο και λιώσιμο στη Florianopolis και στο Rio de Janeiro, στη Βραζιλία.


Leftover Venison Shanks! Yay!

Of course it was a wonderful Christmas holiday!  The family was together and there was no shortage of food.  As a special treat for our older daughter, I prepared Hank Shaw’s  232 kata lagi

Link Your Aadhaar - Bank - Axis

Note: All above information mentioned is taken from official Axis Bank Website as is for informational purpose 

To update/link Aadhaar there are various ways/channels as follows: 552 kata lagi

Link Your Aadhaar

ROC I 32

Kristijan Krkač

[Working paper 29-12-2017]

Text: “Sentences (Sätze) are often used (gebraucht) on the borderline between logic and the empirical, so that their meaning changes back and forth and they count now as expressions of norms ( 676 kata lagi

Aisha Tyler Talks About Her Directorial Debut, 'Axis,' And The Rewards Of Ambiguous Filmmaking

Between playing Dr. Tara Lewis on Criminal Minds, hosting Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and voicing Lana Kane on Archer, Aisha Tyler is a well-known and versatile presence in front of the camera. 2.386 kata lagi

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Via The Hoover Institution Via Youtube: Victor Davis Hanson On WWII

Via a reader via The Hoover Institution:  Some actual first (second)-hand accounts and some counter-factuals:

The current world-order, of more stable Western democracies, rests upon a foundation I don’t trust our education system to ( 49 kata lagi

Public Debate

France's Le Drian says 'no' to Iran Mediterranean axis

PARIS (Reuters) – France’s foreign minister criticized Iran’s regional ambitions, saying Paris could not accept Tehran’s military expansion to the Mediterranean, and accused Russia of failing to use its influence to push U.N.-led Syrian peace talks and curb violence.