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MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Avril Lavigne, Mariah Carey and more

So this week I’ve gone reasonably retro back to some great music that has been released in the last two or three years. Starting with Avril – I’ve always been a huge fan since her skater boi and complicated days, but I really think her new album is one of her best and hasn’t got the credit it deserves. 451 kata lagi


2/3- invisibility and positivity

Invisibility- two of my teachers literally looked over my head today. One apparently didn’t see me and didn’t give me a handout, and the other marked me absent because she couldn’t see me over my computer monitor. 193 kata lagi


Young. Give me more.

Time is running so quickly when you’re busy. I enjoy every minutes of my life.

Young – Free – Lonely – Unique


127 kata lagi

Backstreet Boys & Avril Lavigne (In A World Like This Tour)

Nostalgia was in full force when the Backstreet Boys (BSB) announced they were touring with Avril Lavigne a couple years ago. There was no way I could miss this opportunity! 410 kata lagi


Track 10: Gone

There is nothing that can prepare you to say goodbye to someone you love. The void is permanent. Your world is never the same. But the worst part of losing someone is when you start to forget. 124 kata lagi


Stop Standing There by Avril Lavigne

All this talking to you
I don’t know what I’m to do
I don’t know where you stand
What’s inside of your head

All this thinkin’ of you… 319 kata lagi