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Tonight's Last Song Standing 2/27/15

Every week night at 9PM, Y98’s Brion O ‘Brion gives YOU the chance to help determine the next big song on Y98! That’s right, folks – the power lies in your hands! 91 more words



This was one of the first songs I heard this morning. It fit my mood perfectly to say the least…

I do quite like Avril Lavigne, just not when she’s being overly pop or pop punky… 7 more words

Life As Ri


“Nothing’s gonna change destiny. Whatever’s meant to be will work out perfectly.”

Glee – Keep Holding On (Original: Avril Lavigne)


Furchester Hotel: The Veggietones Have Arrived!

Sure, everyone loves Britsh pop groups like One Direction and The Vamps, but no group compares to the Veggietones! The Veggietones are the most popular vegetable pop ensemble and they’ve booked a stay at the Furchester Hotel!

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Give You What You Like...

Just stumbled upon this track! It’s Avril Lavigne, don’t judge! I know some of her music in the recent years has not been great. I myself enjoy her old stuff and can’t get into the music she’s come out with in the past few years. 30 more words

Music 2015

I can't believe I've already missed two days!

Hey all,

I can’t believe I’ve already missed two days, but under the circumstances i didn’t forget there’s just been distractions happening and no sadly they haven’t been of the male gender D:, but more of the “dramatic kind” lol   *goes off and cries in the singles corner* jk jk being single is another post for another time. 101 more words