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Playlist of the week #1

So, Im going to be doing a new type of post! Im going to be looking back at my music and seeing what my most played songs are of this week! 463 more words



Bonjour à ceux qui me liront! Tout d’abord, je commence avec un billet de présentation. Alors voici:

J’ai décidé de créer mon propre blog (français) concernant ma chanteuse préférée, Avril Lavigne! 102 more words

Avril Lavigne

Throwback Thursday: Mix Tape Review

The list of reasons why getting older sucks is long enough. But with the addition of years also comes hindsight, and the occasional old mix tape. 605 more words

Album Review

Avril Lavigne: Back in The Game

Bulan Oktober lalu Avril Lavigne divonis menderita penyakit Lyme, penyakit peradangan kulit dan sendi yang disebabkan oleh kutu rusa. Berbulan-bulan Avril menjalani perawatan intensif dan nggak boleh meninggalkan tempat tidurnya. 641 more words

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Sometimes TV is Good for You

Ever since I was a teenager, I haven’t watched a lot of television. I never really had time. Playing guitar and writing generally took up my free time when I wasn’t doing school work, so I usually allotted myself one show to indulge in, and then would maybe keep the television on as background noise while I was doing something else. 843 more words

We Updated Our Site!

Today we decided to make our site a little more stylish. So we updated it and now it is fabulous.

Also, Carlos has a twitter and you should follow him. 13 more words


Get Over It: Playlist

There comes a time in many relationships where you just need to cut that person off. Their presence has no positive effect on your life, and they just bring you down in general. 701 more words