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Avril Lavigne’s younger sister marries Japanese rock star

Bis sis is totally OK with having this fellow musician as her new brother-in-law. 438 kata lagi


"Vekk Meg Opp" - Gabrielle

By Josh Schonfeld

Hailing all the way from Norway, Gabrielle is a pop darling that is just screaming for international attention.  “Vekk Meg Opp” (“Wake Me Up” for those non-Norwegians) is a hard-hitting pop song with a Japanese-style dance beat.  124 kata lagi


My Favourite Mode of Transport I.

Whenever I plug in my earphones — on the car, on the subway, on the treadmill, on a stroll, whenever — I’m instantly transported to another place, another era, I become a visitor of my own past, a spectator, sometimes a griever mourning for the bygone days. 560 kata lagi

Dear Diary...

Thursday Tracks: Dealing with Distance

In a month all about love we’re dealing with one of the worst case scenarios I can think of when it comes to being in a good relationship – having to be away from one another. 87 kata lagi


My Favourite Conspiracy Theories: Top 5

Hello there.

As you can guess from the title of this post, today I’ll be giving you a fascinating insight into my top 5 conspiracy theories. 1.280 kata lagi


Anti-Valentine's Day Playlist

Not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day, or as we here at Adore like to call it “Singles Awareness Day.” (*facepalms*) So we made a playlist of songs for all of the people who cringe at the thought of February 14th. 282 kata lagi