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Not better left unsaid (part two)

I think sometimes we all need to be more like Pepé Le Pew.

Well, in at least one way, anyway.

When I was a teenager—and continuing into when I was in my 20s—whenever I had crushes on or more serious feelings for guys, I did everything I could to keep those feelings to myself and not let those guys have any clue how I felt. 785 kata lagi

ONE OK ROCK (ft. Avril Lavigne) - Listen

(saya harap kalo one ok rock bikin mv buat lagu ini, yang dibikin adalah yang versi yang ada avril nya. biar kedengeran melengking nya itu berdua. 583 kata lagi


Song of the Day [January 20, 2017]

I’ve chosen “Listen” by ONE OK ROCK featuring Avril Lavigne as the song of the day.

Why did I choose it? 302 kata lagi


The Return of Avril Lavigne?

Let’s be real: when Avril first came onto the scene when we were just kids, you couldn’t not like her. She was a bold punk chick with a “don’t f*** with me” vibe, with songs that we slowly grew to empathize with as we hit those oh-so-fun teenage years. 532 kata lagi

10 albums that impacted me as a teenager

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at all, but I have a lot of CDs. I still buy them in the physical edition from time to time, though that’s considered passe. 1.309 kata lagi