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Anti Virus - Free and Inexpensive AV for Windows Server


These days the top tier AntiVirus tools are free for Desktop computers.


As Vendors have to make money somehow they usually charge a bit for server products. 143 kata lagi


Avast Antivirus Removal


For years, Avast has been a good choice for antivirus software. In 2017, Avast began using their software to broadcast somewhat misleading pop-up messages in an attempt to scare consumers into buying computer performance cleanup software and privacy VPN services, or upgraded versions of their security software.  203 kata lagi

Tech Tips

CUDA, Theano, and Antivirus

Most ubiquitous antivirus products monitor new process from executables in real time and will attempt to terminate their execution if deemed a potential threat. Some of these antivirus products simply do a signature match while some do more sophisticated heuristic or intelligent scanning. 421 kata lagi


How does an antivirus work?

When acomputer virusinfects a computer, it must make changes tofileson your computer, critical areas like theRegistry, or sections ofmemoryto spread or damage the computer. An antivirus program protects a computer by monitoring all file changes and the memory for specific virus activity patterns. 448 kata lagi


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Intelligent antivirus

Detects all kinds of nasty threats, from viruses to malware. 539 kata lagi


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