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Happy Birthday To Avant!

Happy birthday to Avant!  Today, the  R & B singer, celebrates his 39th birthday.  As the old saying goes, “just like fine wine, you only get better with time.”  It couldn’t be more true for Avant.   28 kata lagi


The Watts Hot Report: Celebrity Birthdays April 26

Carol Burnett 84

Jet Li 54

Kevin James 52

T-Boz 47

Melania Trump 47

Avant 39

Channing Tatum 37 9 kata lagi

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Avant is a personal loans facility.


Audi launches Sport brand

Audi picked the New York International Auto Show to launch its new Audi Sport brand. Formerly known as quattro GmbH, it gives the company a more recognizable umbrella for its range of everyday supercars. 290 kata lagi


2018 Audi RS4 Avant Prototype Spied Testing at The Nurburgring

Audi is ushering in a new RS4 platform that is sure to impress both journos and consumers. The revised A4 has proven to be a worthwhile change that not only betters the model’s dynamics but its overall package as well, meaning that the pumped up version is looking up from here. 149 kata lagi

VW / Audi News

A selection of great street art from the past and present....

James Kalm, the best art blogger in the world, visits a wonderful exhibition dedicated to the masters of street art. This fantastic show features many of the most renown artists of the genre including the late Richard Hambleton, Samo, Keith Haring, Dan Witz, and the collective Avant. 51 kata lagi