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OnCore Golf - ELIXR

It’s an exciting time about 25 minutes from my house for Buffalo, NY based golf ball brand OnCore Golf. They are about 36 hours away from the release of their first Tour-level golf ball called the… 1.122 kata lagi

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Song in my head today 

Avant is one of my favorite artists. I like his voice and the fact that he sings genuine R&B. This song tells a story of man in love but of wrong timing. 7 kata lagi

My Life

Un soir, un bar : le Malabar

A l’angle de la rue Malar, sur l’élégante rue Saint Dominique existe un bar, le Malabar. “Quand y-en-a marre, y-a Malabar”, “On y-est si bien, qu’on-y revient”. 148 kata lagi

Paris 7ème

Peco Peco, le régal de Pigalle

Tables d’hôtes et cuisine-comptoir, murs en pierre et carte courte sur grande ardoise, 12 mètres carrés d’un japo-bistro qui font jubiler mes papilles et émerveillent mes pupilles.  258 kata lagi

-Acrocs- Au Resto'

Damas accusé de pendaisons à large échelle avant les négociations

Beyrouth – Le ragime syrien est accusa par Amnesty International d’avoir pendu quelque 13.000 personnes en cinq ans dans une prison pra¨s de Damas, deux… 16 kata lagi

Conflict affects all projects, but hope remains

by Gordon and Sharon Skopnik

SOUTH SUDAN–The overall situation in South Sudan has worsened through the years, with conflict heightening between the government and rebel groups over oil, resources, and power. 471 kata lagi

With Our Missionaries

Marilyn and Shamrocks

Everyone tries to keep in touch with former schoolmates. There is something comforting about the old days, call it nostalgia or just a longing for what seemed a simpler time. 597 kata lagi