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Square vs. Cylinder Chamber Autoclave

Square chamber is always better then cylinder one when it comes to space efficiency.
Not to mention of space efficiency between square and cylinder (21.46% space loss between square and cylinder chamber), but also usable space is only 14.83L out of its 22L cylinder chamber. 236 kata lagi


The article discussed can be found at this site: https://www.cdc.gov/hicpac/pdf/guidelines/Disinfection_Nov_2008.pdf

Definition of Sterilization

Sterilization kills all forms of microbial life, it is carried out in health care facilities via physical or chemical methods. 1.332 kata lagi



Unicorn Denmart Ltd has brought a Newly launched Product from Prestige USA- Advance B Autoclave. As the name suggests, this autoclave is not only loaded with advanced features but also it is available with largest capacity in the market. 264 kata lagi


Amazing Benefits Of AAC Blocks

Autoclave aerated concrete (AAC) is a building material with its superior load capacity and compressive strength, in particular, making ACC earthquake building blocks many benefits. The material is not flammable, but it provides excellent thermal insulation. 19 kata lagi


Autoclaves and Sterilization


Life science products are unique because they interact directly with patients’ body functions. Products like pace-makers and parenteral (e.g. injected) drugs are directly incorporated into patients’ hearts and bloodstreams. 430 kata lagi

Process Operations


We are leading Importer and Supplier of Autoclave. It is a B-class Autoclave.


  • B-class autoclave.
  • Vacuum pump high performing two stage.
  • stainless steel chamber, pressed in a single block, guarantees the maximum attainable levels of hygiene.
  • 85 kata lagi
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