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Vacuum Sterilizer – A High Efficiency And Extremely Safe Sterilization Option

As the name suggests, vacuum sterilizer is operates by creating vacuum for decontaminating porous materials. These devices are designed to offer great efficiency and highest safety while ensuring complete hygiene of the various items. 120 kata lagi


Nồi hấp ngang của hãng Biobase

Nồi hấp ngang – Horizontal Autoclave

Model: BKQ – B(H)

Hãng: Biobase – Trung Quốc

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Dòng nồi hấp ngang sử dụng tiệt trùng các thiết bị trong ngành nha khoa, mắt, phòng vận hành hay CSSD… 275 kata lagi

Biobase- Nồi Hấp

Portable Autoclave Sterilizer and its Uses

Portable Autoclave sterilizers have become extremely popular in various fields of medical science and this equipment is specifically designed to make sterilization of medical instruments in various dental clinics and nursing homes. 113 kata lagi


Invest in Autoclave of leading Table Top Autoclave Manufacturers

Medical Autoclave has become extremely popular in recent days and this autoclave sterilizers are used to maintain a sterile environment especially where surgery is carried on. 128 kata lagi



A number of tools are available to assess the performance of the autoclave; these include physical, chemical and biological indicators. It is important to note that these indicators will only respond to time, temperature and moisture conditions, and not to organic load. 582 kata lagi

Pharma Industry Guidelines

Steam sterilizer: Benefits of Medical Autoclave

Steam sterilizer is the new idea in the present world of medicine and this trend has changed the idea of using boiling water steam to sterilize the hospital and laboratory medical equipment. 119 kata lagi


Horizontal Autoclave Manufacturers in Delhi

There are a number of horizontal autoclave manufacturers in Delhi but if we talk about the leading manufacturers, Acmas Technologies Inc will be in top. Get the best horizontal autoclave at very reasonable rates. 13 kata lagi

Horizontal Autoclave