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Different Features Of Bench Top Autoclave That Aids Sterilization In Laboratories

Laboratory autoclaves are designed to assure high performance and accountability for different applications. In modern laboratories, advanced version of this machine is used for sterilizing glass, pipette, waste, biohazard and other instruments. 490 more words

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Autoclave alat laboratorium

Autoclave adalah alat laboratorium untuk sterilisasi cara basah dengan mengunakan uap air jenuh
yang bertekanan tinggi. Temperature yang biasa digunakan biasanya di atas 100C dan biasa mencapi… 242 more words




One way of assuring the effect of sterilisation is to keep tract of the autoclave, and monitoring is the key to it. Without monitoring, we cannot have a solid prove of the sterilisation results carried out by the autoclave. 141 more words


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Autoclave, the Preferred Method of Sterilization

As mentioned in post 1, sterilization destroys all microorganisms to prevent disease transmission. Sterilization is an especially important procedure for instruments that we refer to as “ 208 more words