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Autoclave 101

An autoclave is a pressure chamber that’s used to sterilize equipment and supplies by putting them in high pressure saturated steam at 249°F for around 20 minutes depending on the size of the load and the contents. 116 more words


The two types of autoclave

There are two main types of Autoclave used in steam sterilisation, the first is the Gravity displacement autoclave and the second is the High speed pre-vacuum steriliser. 383 more words


Other Forms of Sterilization Part 2: Ethylene Oxide Gas

Another form of sterilization is through the use of ethylene oxide “gas” in  low temperature sterilization technique. Ethylene oxide (ETO) has been widely used as a low-temperature sterilant since the 1950s. 173 more words


Other Forms of Sterilization Part 1: "Flash" Steam Sterilization

In addition to the conventional autoclave sterilization, flash sterilization and low temperature sterilization are 2 other sterilization techniques that are often utilized in instances where autoclave sterilization is unavailable, or with heat sensitive materials. 234 more words


Packaging before sterilization

After an amount of instruments are clean with diluted bleach solutions and ultrasonic machine, they will be put into sterilization bags. Most of the appliances should be seal in these sterilization bags except mouth-dilator and those cannot tolerate high temperature. 205 more words

Disinfection And Sterilization

Different Features Of Bench Top Autoclave That Aids Sterilization In Laboratories

Laboratory autoclaves are designed to assure high performance and accountability for different applications. In modern laboratories, advanced version of this machine is used for sterilizing glass, pipette, waste, biohazard and other instruments. 490 more words

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