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Earth's Early Steps in Evolution

Some 3.5 million years ago, what happened that day, would not be witnessed by human beings, for their day had not come, they did not exist. 451 kata lagi


Our prehistoric ancestors - what's a lifetime?

In starting to prepare for writing Stories of Then, I thought I might write a story on Lucy, the hominid Australopithecus afarensis discovered in Ethiopia in 1974. 241 kata lagi


Halloween Is So "Afar" Away

I’ve been finishing up a few items for the holiday season 2017, including this custom half-round quilted table runner for Halloween.  My Halloween decorations, though, are all currently stored away – it is May, after all.   27 kata lagi

Whimzie Quiltz

Say Cheese!

Today on Museum Bites we’re talking teeth.  Did you know teeth are the hardest substance in our body? These pearly little gems tear our food into tiny bits, come in handy if we need to fend off an attack, and provide a little pocket change when we hide them under our pillow.  595 kata lagi