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Genus Homo pushed back nearly half a million years

Bill Deller, a friend whose Sunday is partly spent reading the Observer and Sunday Times from cover to cover, alerted me to a lengthy article by Britain’s doyen of paleoanthropologists… 815 more words

Anthropology And Geoarchaeology

eFfing #FossilFriday: toolmakers without tools?

Matt Skinner and colleagues report in today’s Science an analysis of trabecular bone structure in the hand bones of humans, fossil hominins and living apes. Trabecular bone, the sponge-like network of bony lattices on the insides of many of your bones, adapts during life to better withstand the directions and amounts of force it experiences. 566 more words

Arguments Against Evolution pt. 7

After working like mad to finish my thesis I can finally get back to my theology and evolution blogs. In this installment we take a look at a very important branch of the evolutionary tree – ours! 641 more words


Results of the toe-tally easy lab activity

Alternate title: Dorsal canting in primate PPP4s

Earlier this year I suggested a classroom activity in which students can scrutinize the evidence used to argue that the >5 million year old (mya)  586 more words


Climate Shocks

Earlier this week I wrote an article about Climate Change and the United Nations, and today I read an article in Scientific American about how climate changes have shaped human evolution. 1.687 more words


Book Review: Almost Adam - by Petru Popescu

What if a tract of land in western Kenya had remained untouched by humanity and influences of evolution and essentially remained stuck in the Pliocene (1.5 – 5.0 million years ago), complete with living tribes of  353 more words