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Pomp and positivity at the market

Bzz bzz bzz bz bz bzz bzz …

A marching kazoo choir dressed as bees blocked the doorway to the bakery as I walked home late last week. 1.109 kata lagi


The Post-Positive Age (Part I)

We can positively know things about the world, but can we know everything about the thing in the world?

The fuck am I talking about now? 411 kata lagi

Thought for Today

“Ideas govern the world, or throw it into chaos.”

Auguste Comte

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Close, 3

(I was struck while reading this review of Murakami’s latest book of short stories by the parallel between his ‘dialled down’ male protagonists, and the ‘hermless’ aspect of Dundee’s male population during the heyday of the jute industry, the ‘kettle-bilers’ who signed up for teetotalism and quietly worked their gairdens. 1.115 kata lagi

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