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Islam as Socialist (Soc-Islam)

Dear readers for the next few minutes “Nalaik Panda” will sound nerdy so bear with me even i reprimand my self being like this .In the Final Semester of Electrical Engineering we are forced to study sociology, Pakistan Engineering Council doesn’t give you options to chose the subject of your choice. 1.215 more words

Sociology 101: Auguste Comte

Sociology is a very recently developed subject, when compared to the long ancestry of other academic pursuits. Although small tendril of sociological thought can be traced throughout history, if you look hard enough, the most common starting point is placed upon on person Auguste Comte (1798-1857). 264 more words


Notational, No. 13

It is interesting to contemplate an entangled bank, clothed with many plants of many kinds, with birds singing on the bushes, with various insects flitting about, and with worms crawling through the damp earth, and to reflect that these elaborately constructed forms, so different from each other, and dependent on each other in so complex a manner, have all been produced by laws acting around us.

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Pioneers of Sociology

There were five pioneers of Sociology.

  1. Auguste Comte
  2. Herbet Spencer
  3. Karl Marx
  4. Emile Durkheim
  5. Max Weber
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What is Sociology?

  • Want to know why some political parties are more likely to be in power than others?
  • Why we have schools?
  • Is there one ‘typical’ or ‘normal’ family type?
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Steamtown 2014 - Postscript

“Everything is relative, and only that is absolute.” – Auguste Comte

On October 13, 2014 I wrote about crossing the finish line of the Steamtown Marathon in… 156 more words