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Crowdfunding Routes: Auguste Comte

Crowdfunding has a long history and several roots. One of those, experts admit, is a public document named Premiere Circulaire Annuelle adressée par l’auteur du Systeme de Philosophie Positive… 116 kata lagi


The Advent of Positive Philosophy

Comte had great confidence in the ascendancy of the positive doctrine. Its “perfect logical coherence” and its social function assured success, because this doctrine “will impart a homogeneous and rational character to the desultory politics of our day, and it will…establish a general harmony in the entire system of social ideas…” (p. 911 kata lagi


What is the significance of Sociological Perspective in contemporary Indian society?

Sociology is a social science that can be defined by most laymen, correctly or incorrectly. Most view sociology as akin to “Common Sense”, but they could not be further incorrect. 961 kata lagi

Positivism II. Free to Choose

In the first half of the 19th century Auguste Comte in France proposed to apply scientific methods to the study of human relationships, initiating sociology as a scientific discipline. 1.100 kata lagi

Searching For GSOT

Nietzsche dan Kematian Tuhan

Ah! how ineptly cometh the word “virtue” out of their mouth! And when they say: “I am just,” it always soundeth like: “I am just-revenged!” –Thus Spake Zarathustra…

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A Brief Intro to Positivism.

Perhaps responsible for the philosophy of “positivism” was the French philosopher Auguste Comte (1798–1857) who shocked his religious parents by revealing to them that he had become an atheist. 175 kata lagi


International Society for Intellectual History Paper: The Odd Career of Adolphe Quetelet in Early American Social Theory

I will have a response to all of my Zilsel friends shortly.  It will be titled “Hunting for the Unicorn: Further Thoughts on Science and the Dissenting Sciences” 2.283 kata lagi

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